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Be careful when stretching

Be careful when stretching

OK, Here’s the situation. I’ve been PEing for about 3 months and never really understood how to stretch. After reading stretching 101 article and bibs LOT theory I decided to stretch BTC. So I began. I must have been squeezing it to hard or something. I would reach around, pull the skin back and just grab it with all my fingers. Usually my pinkie finger was on my glads but I wasn’t really putting any pressure on it (so I thought). Well after about a week of this I noticed small (not dark) red spots on the top of the glands and underneath the shaft and on top. WOW I better take it easy. Took the weekend off, and started up again same technique with just enough pressure to get a good stretch. Same thing again, so took 2 or 3 more days off. They were not completely gone yet and it looked like the skin might start to peal off. Didn’t look that bad just like a little dry skin or something (that’s what I told the fiance when she asked). So I figured I would just jelq with no stretching. After a warmup session like always (hot towel) I began to jelq with light to medium pressure for a few minutes. Then I started to increase pressure and I felt a little something that didn’t feel right(no pain). I almost passed out when I looked all on the bottom where the small patches were very dark red from blood. Same thing on top lots of blood under the surface. I didn’t have any blister though. WTF? That was about 24 hours ago from now. They are still there but fading to lighter shades of red. Has this ever happened to anyone? Has anyone ever heard of this? I was very concerned last night, but thankfully It’s looking better now. How much time should I take off? Any questions will be answered tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading now give me some feed back.

If you check out the Injuries Forum there’s a thread about “spotting on the penis head”, which also has some comments about patches on skin (if I remember rightly) is it anything like that?

The spots are from using too much pressure/force. Too tight a grip whilst stretching will do it. The patches sound like burst blood vessels, maybe take a few days off until they clear up, then gently ease back into PE again.

Although I must say, I’m only speaking from what I’ve read, not from personal experience…

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Once you’re healed, maybe try the “OK” grip with just your thumb and forefinger. Works like a charm for me, brother!

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Those blood spots are really nothing to worry about. They will come and go as you PE. The more you get into condition, you will find it won’t happen so often. Iowa

Yes Slack, there were small spots and much bigger patches on the shaft. WOW! Nothing to worry about, they were like 1/4 inch in diameter didn’t look to good at all. Well I’m gonna have to really examine my unit while PEing( I usually watch Mac Gyver or something). The patches of red are fading fast, but can still see them under the skin. I’m not going to start back up till Monday. I was just starting to see my first gains, so I’m anxious the get back into it. Thanks for the feedback.


Have you had any medical internal body scans recently? EG: xrays and the like?
Is your microwave pitted at the edges and at dick level?!

Electromagnetic radiation can cause your condition- I know!

I Still have the patches of red they seem to be betting a little better each day. If i have sex they turn much darker color red. I have been trying to avoid sex and any contact, but that’s not always easy. I have not had any medical treatment at all recently. My microwave oven is at waist level but I usually don’t stand next to it. Well its been almost 2 months and there are still visible. I don’t know what to do they just seem to be healing very slowly. I would be willing to post a pic to see exactly what I am talking about. Also I have not PE’ed since this happened and i would really like to start up again. If any body has any suggestions please let me know.

Hey NS,

I think I have something very similar : Once got a big bad bloodmark at the top of the glands, left side of the urethra opening. Was probably from what Slack mentioned : Stretching with too much force and a too tight grip.

I also mistook them for the normal red spots that vanish after a few days, but had to learn that this thing was something way more serious. The color would fade too, after some time, but the skin changed. It’s rougher, bumpier, there are even small whiteish pimple like objects in that area. I think it could be scar tissue (?), because the skin partially reflects the light in a strange way.

I’m struggeling with this for months now and it annoys the hell out of me, because I have to pause or go light plus I too have to hide it from my SO. I do have sex, but oral sex too risky at times.

Some things I noticed :

I didn’t have it in the first 3 months of PE and that’s strange because I think I used way too much pressure back then.

It allways comes back strongest after a break of a few days/ a week or more. I warm up really carefully, 5-10 minutes with a rice sock-like thing, really warm - still happens.

It’s almost always the stretching that causes this, but it could be one false move in the following girth workout also - one false jelq and banggg…

It doesn’t seem to be the most common experience since I only found 3 or 4 threads on various PE boards offering valuable info on the subject. It could quite be that I happen to discolor easier than others.

What I’ve learned from that research :

Different people suggested to do hot/cold water dips (2 min in cold water, then 2 in hot, and so on) few times a day to enforce blood circulation in that particular area. Some said you should start with cold to ‘seal’ the broken capillaries, cells, whatever. Then the warmth should remove blood particles (?) from the skin to ‘wash them away’, as i understood it. That treatment is also used on cases of thrombosis i think.

Then you can use Arnica or any other healing lotion/creme ( i use one with vitamines ). Apply to dark area a few times a day for a week or two.

Massage the area very slightly with some lubricant, moisture creme, etc for some minutes over a few days.

Somebody sweared it would be beneficial to take a very hot bath and kegel for 15 minutes or so, the person that tested it reported it worked for him and that the bloodmark almost dissapeared in one session ( didn’t try that in a hot bath, I kegel while doing the hot/cold treatment ).

It’s said that medication like aspirin that thins the blood helps ( gets used with thrombosis too ). Or alternatively have a night out with the boys and drink some beer, which also improves blood circulation.

I remember reading an old thread over at the hangers forum on MOS where BIB of Bib Hangers was asked how to handle this and he suggested not to stop completely but to continue workouts with low intensity. He argued the bloodspot would return after a break, and that has been my experience aswell.

That’s what I learnt through researching. Now some of my experiences and some advice :

I did pause several times not doing any PE, which wasn’t beneficial at all. Yes the bloodspot would fade considerably in color, but would return when starting PE again. But I have to say that the longest break I managed to do was 14 days max. Had two breaks lasting about one week each.

When stretching, I try to squeeze as much blood as possible out of the glans, so the extreme pressure won’t happen. I grab with an OK grip overhands (palm facing floor), but I use the other fingers to pressure the blood out of the glans first, before lastly closing the OK grip with thumb and index finger.

After some off-days, do some light jelqing before stretching - I mean very low pressure for 2 or three minutes. Then wait until the unit goes all fluffy again, and then begin to stretch.

Now to what I did in the last weeks : I restarted my workouts really, really slow with very low pressure, all so slightly increasing the pressure over days. I stretched very carefully, trying not to put too much pressure on the glans. Went too fast at times and had to step back for some days, but overall it atleast didn’t make the discoloration worse, I’d say it looks a good deal better now.

So the discoloration is tolarable most of the times now, but the problem with the skin remains. I start to fear that this could be a permanent thing ( most likely, if it proves to be scars ). I’m thinking about trying out some ‘anti-scar’ lotion I have, but I’ll have to apply this for weeks to see a change. Will report after trying.

That’s almost everything I know about this, but I’m no medical expert. So try things at your own risk.

Hope it helps, please excuse any mispelling, I’m not a native english speaker.

Good luck,


Thank You Telescope. Yes I believe we have the same condition. I am going to try some vitamin healing cream I’ll look for some at the local pharmacy. I’ve been on break for about 50 days and there still noticeable. And they turn more of a brighter red If I have any kind of sex. I’m going to try some cream and see how that goes. I’ll report back with any news.

OK. I have been using Cortaid. Its a hydro cortisone cream for red itchy skin, and its been working well. I have using for 5 days and the redness is almost completely gone. I haven’t started back to PE yet, but I will soon. I am very glad I thought they were never going to go away.

telescope try this cream I think it works!

Cool, I’ll see if I can get it here where I live. Be sure to report back when you resume your workouts dude !

Happy that it worked out for you NS !!


Yes it worked. I am very happy about this. The Cortaid worked!! I have resumed PE exercise with very very light stretching and mild jelqing. I’ll keep everyone posted.

The most shocking part of this thread is that MacGyver is still on TV.

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Yeah if you get those it just means you are doing it a little hard. I get them all the time, and sometimes I don’t even skip a day, however I usually take it pretty easy.

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