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Kind Of Lost

Kind Of Lost

Hey, for the past couple weeks my PE routine has been absolutely atrocious. I think I’ve done exercises 4 times over these 2 weeks, maybe. I just recently broke up with my exgirlfriend about 2 weeks ago and since then my erections have been very weak and I’ve had trouble even achieving erections. It is gaining its thickness back, slowly, but I still can not gain and maintain an erection easily. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m fairly worried I keep telling myself rest and relaxation is probably what I need, but I want to start exercises again and try to reach my goals. I’m not sure if jelqing and girth work would hurt my already low EQ dick or if it would help it. I’m just not completely sure what to do. Any advice would be great. Also is their any Viagra substitute to get without a prescription? I feel like I’ll need one this weekend with a girl, I want to be able to get it up easily. Thanks!

I think you got low EQ because your are stressed. Maybe the stress is due to the fact that you just broked up with your girlfriend. If you not sure what’s going on and you worried because you don’t really know what to do, you might be stressed as well. So, my advice would be don’t take viagra, relax and take it easy.

I can’t imagine low pressure jelqs hurting your EQ. You can build up over time but just start out low if you are unsure.

I also think stress is killing your EQ.

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I am relaxing like I’m really not stressed, except about my low EQ and sexual unresponsiveness. I didn’t hurt myself with PE as I am not sore or bruised down there, everything’s fine except I can’t maintain any erection. I still wake up with morning wood and get spontaneous erections but I was just wondering if I should start doing exercises again. Or if there’s any way to fix this low EQ

Kegals and jelqing? Maybe leave stretches out for a while, just dont over do it and give porn a break for a while. Maybe go for a run instead, produces endorphins and promotes better blood flow :) .

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You lost your girlfriend 2 weeks ago I think that’s the main reason for your problems concerning EQ.
As I lost my long term girlfriend I didn’t even had morning woods or any kind of libido. That’s quite common it’s called depression, it’s possible that you are feeling well mostly because the “pain” is subconscious. Meet with friends do things you like in my opinion you shouldn’t do PE at the moment, a break up is never a good reason to start PE.

Trust me I have been through that quite a few times it sucks but your condition will improve over the next weeks.

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