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Lost girth after hemorrhoid operation?? Help!


Lost girth after hemorrhoid operation?? Help!

Okay, I know the title sounds kind of ridiculous, but please bear with me because I can’t seem to find this information anywhere online about this and it’s making me depressed. I don’t really know who else to talk to about this as it is pretty embarrassing and I’m pretty ignorant about anatomy “down there,” so I’m hoping fellow members at Thunder’s can help shed some light on this. Here is a summary of what happened…

I’ve always had hemorrhoid problems growing up, and none of the usual remedies seemed to eliminate the problem— diet, ointments, herbal remedies etc. Bowel movements were problematic and often resulted in bleeding. I decided to schedule an operation to deal with this once and for all. One thing I read online also, is that some people have had significantly better EQ after getting rid of their ‘roids— I haven’t found any official studies on this, only anecdotal posts from others who confirmed these claims. I have always had EQ problems myself and noticed a direct correlation when mine improved temporarily, so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone?

The doc told me I had a large hemorrhoid at the 6 o’clock position (perineal side). The operation I chose, according to the doc and the official write up on it, was supposed to be so painless it feels like someone pinching you if anything. Well, the first zap made me scream like a little girl it was so painful. It felt like someone putting a stun gun right on your cock. I think I even got a little teary eyed. He immediately stopped the procedure and was quite surprised by my sensitivity. I told him it felt like that and asked if there was any way that could have been connected to the penis. His reply was, “I hope not.” Now, at the time, I interpreted this as “Of course not” in one of those sarcastic, sympathetic ways, but now I wonder if he really had no idea…

Anyways, he explained I was probably just very anxious about foreign metal objects being inserted into my bum as many male patients seem to be. He decided if we should do this again to just drug the crap out of me so I don’t feel anything. I felt a bit turned off by that idea, but after a few months of more bowel drama I decided to go for it. I was put on so many painkillers and muscle relaxers I could barely think straight. The operation still hurt, but was bearable and over in less than a minute. He sent me on my merry way.

A few weeks later, I noticed I had lost .25” in EG. My CS has practically disappeared, and the perineal area that I could once massage to stimulate blood into the CS had all but disappeared as well. My bowel movements have significantly improved, but I’m wondering what the hell just happened here. Did this man just zap my “inner penis”? The thought is devastating me— girth has already been a major source of my anxiety as it already was on the low side, but now it is just embarrassing. Was that some “inner girth” I could’ve coaxed out if I did the right techniques?

Now admittedly, I just noticed this recently— I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to measure (it’s been several weeks since the procedure). But never in the past several years of PE have I lost so much EG so quickly— I’ve taken breaks up to almost a year with no loss. And if I’m reading this diagram correctly, the inner penis is right next to the perineal body and could in fact share the same circulatory path:…hibit=06002_01X

Somebody please tell me I’m an idiot, and that this can be resolved with a few jelqs… it would be the greatest news of my life right now.


Sounds like you aren’t sure if you’ve lost Girth, or are just unable to reach a full 100% errection. The way I would try to ascertain that would be clamping to force your penis into a 100% errection, and measuring your girth then.

If it turns out that you haven’t lost any girth, but are having trouble getting a full blown erection; then I think Kegels are what you’d need to focus on. If anything was affected by the surgery, it is probably your BC muscles; your penis receives blood through it’s own arteries, so the removal of a hemorrhoid shouldn’t affect blood supply in any way.

If you did actually lose girth, which I think is unlikely; then yeah you’ve been set back a bit. But don’t give up man; PE works, just keep at it and you can gain it back and then some.

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Most of the time, people who get that kind of surgery report better erections not worse. Maybe a few weeks have yet to pass to have you completely healed?

I am going to get mine rubber banded, and I feel they are messing with my EQ as well. I will post back to report. Give it some time, there is no way this could have permanently shrunken your penis.

Satarack: Well I’ve definitely lost girth— I’ve measured right before the end of an edging session and noticed the CS seems to have nearly disappeared entirely. I guess what I really mean is that blood is not flowing to the CS anymore so in a sense I suppose you are right, it may be an EQ thing, which is odd because I do seem to have gotten more spontaneous erections since the operation. I suppose what I am really asking is that is it possible in any way that the doctor didn’t zap a “normal” hemorrhoid, and was actually was a part of the internal penis connected to the perineum? I’m a bit ignorant about the anatomy, but looking at diagrams and knowing the op wasn’t supposed to hurt at all yet felt like an electric shot going straight through my cock, it all made me think about this a second time. I will try kegeling more and see if that helps.

marinera: Precisely, which is another reason I wanted to do it (I’ve had ED problems on and off). It has been nearly a month since the op and there is still an achy, tingly feeling in the perineal area, so it is possible that it hasn’t completely healed yet. However, right after the operation the hemorrhoids bled a lot more, and that has since settled down, which has led me to believe they have pretty much healed up. Only time will tell though…

ironaddict69: Good luck man! Your stats are insane— maybe the EQ problems are caused by your body having to use half the entire blood supply to engorge that thing? :)

Haha you are too kind my friend, I have a 260 lb frame so it looks proportionate. I think my hemorrhoids play a role though, which treatment did you use to rid them?

I did the IRC treatment— supposedly almost as effective as the rubber band treatment but far less invasive and painful. But like I said it was extremely painful for me, so it probably depends on the person.

Anyone else have any thoughts on whether this lost girth could be related to this operation?

Interesting, that is much much newer. I honestly think you need to call the doctor, realize you are asking us (not doctors) about a procedure he did and the possible outcome of a mistake.

After any surgery an EQ drop wouldn’t surprise me.
Personally I don’t think it is likely that the operation would cause permanent size loss.

You should defiantly consult a doctor about any health issues you think are important, you only get one body.

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It’s actually not a surgery. They basically shine a beam of infrared light on the hemorrhoid and cut off its blood supply by creating scar tissue. I imagine since the hemorrhoids fill up with blood, EQ would typically improve once they are removed as others have reported. But again, it’s only really an EQ drop in the sense that the CS basically disappeared— is that really an EQ issue or do
I just say I lost girth?? (The first step to finding a solution is identifying the exact problem).

Also, I know you guys aren’t doctors but it does seem like a fair amount of members, especially the vets, have a pretty good sense of the anatomy going on down there. I admit to ignorance, and for all I know anatomically this is completely ridiculous— maybe it is completely impossible to “see” the inner penis from inside the anal canal. That’s really the big question I suppose, and hopefully someone with that anatomical knowledge can shed some light on this. And yeah I could ask the doctor, but I’ll be honest— I’m completely embarrassed to ask so it’s kind of a last resort for me! But I imagine the man has seen thousands of hemorrhoids at this point, and any “inner penis” would look nothing like a hemorrhoid…

We’re all here for you, but none of us can fix or explain what happened, I wish we could. Exactly how many weeks has it been? Just tell the doctor, and make it clear you are educated on the structures of the penis, tell him since the surgery, your CS chamber has not been filling with blood! Be very specific with him.

Well this sucks. I guess I am going to find a urologist and interrogate him with all of the questions I have before confronting this other doctor. I’m not sure how much longer I can live with 4.25 EG.

How is your libido ? Could it be the fact that your anxiety makes you stressed so you’re not achieving a 100% erection ? I didn’t read about your usage regarding viagra, but I think you should test your erection while on it AND while having good libido + heat, because myself, when I have low libido I get a lower reading on measurements, even on viagra.

The advice to talk to an urologist you’ve received is very good.

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