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1 week PEing and lost of sensitivity ?

1 week PEing and lost of sensitivity ?


im a new member and as i posted on my last thread i began PEing about 1 week ago (11/20/02) but i think im doing so hard PE and make many effort. Well, now im habituated with the routine of exercises and i desire the maximal response from the exercises. I mean.. 30 minutes of hand stretching raising up for 5-10 minutes each time. and jelqing for 20-25 minutes. I warm for 5-10 minutes before and do a fast warm after PE. So i have a hot bathe and thats it. But im noticing a discoloration on some parts of my glans and a loss of feeling too. My gland is usually too red and now it’s loss red and slightly white.. mainly on the glans ring. I could feel the SLIGHTLY loss of sensitivity cause i have a excessive foreskin and my gland is all time covered by it, when i take it out the foreskin im too sensitive. For ya see, when im without covered by the foreskin i can’t use clothes without short under pants cause it will excite me due to the excess of sensitive. Now i can do that and i don’t have too many sensibility as 1 week ago. I also can realize the lack of sensitivity when i touch the ureter hole on the top of gland.

Im doing that exercises 5 days on / 2 days off WITHOUT COVERED BY THE FORESKIN (maybe the foreskin will grow too.. so i do without it). Today (11/28/02) i will not do PE and im going to change my routine to 2days on 1 day of or 1 day on or 1 day off or maybe 2 days on 2 days off.
I will reduce dramatically the intensity of the exercises too.

Please Someone tell me what to do.

Probably. in my case, stopping PE the sensibility will back fast. But when ya lost it cause lot months PEing.. it’s lost forever ?

Someone has this problem or had ? What treatment ?

Im fearing to lost my sensitivity. Why i will want a large penile without feeling. Where’s the pleasure ?

waiting opinions.

see ya guys.

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Sounds like a pretty heavy program for someone who’s only bee doing PE 1 week.

It might be worth trying to do a half hour program to start with, something like:

5 min warmup (warm wrap)
10 min stretch
15 min jelq
10 min cool down (warm wrap)

Thats 40 minutes but I think you get the idea.

You need to ensure you have a good warm up. A bath is no substitute for a hot moist wash cloth. Doing a warm wrap at the end will help to reduce discoloration.

When you stretch, try protecting the flesh behind the glans. I use a small section of an old t-shirt wrapped around the end of the shaft and glans.

When you are jelqing ensure that you stop around 1” before you reach the glans on each stroke.

Consider doing a 3/1 program initialy rather than a 5/2 program.

Try to post this kind of thing in the newbie forum :)

I hope that helps.

Memento’s right on on this ….ease up and take it slower.

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"Nietzsche is dead"-God

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I am experiencing the same redness in the head and loss of sensitivity due to the grip behind the glans when stretching.

Soak the head and part of the shaft in hot/warm water between stretches to try and keep the discolouration from becoming permanent.

Follow the advice the others have mentioned above and also: jelq lightly, kegel and slap your unit against your leg between stretches to get fresh blood to the glans.

Limit you stretches to 2 minutes per stretch in the beginning and grip on the sides as uch as possible. Don’t strangle your glans and cut off the blood supply.

Follow Memento’s advice as he has had great success. Particularly with manual stretches. Do a search using his name and read his posts for useful information.

A search under my name will dig up a lot of dross, better use DoubleLongDaddy - less posts, more to the point, greater gains and understanding of how to achieve them.

Will get low routine and plenty rest days

hey guys thanks for the answers.. TORSO thank-ya to share your experience.

I’ll do a low routine for while with more rest days. After post my last thread on 11/29/02

1 week PEing and lost of sensitivity ?

i did stop with the routine for one week and redness started get away notably. So last Wednesday and yesterday i did PE again ( 5-10min wrap warming, about 10 minutes stretching with 1min average stretches and 15 minutes jelqing.. i didn’t the endup wrap warm due to privacy reasons ) even that care today i can see the discoloration is back. So i will stop until monday and do 1-2 warms by day. When i back to the routine i’ll do more warm, soak warm and get more carefully with stretch and use baby powder to reduce the force applied under head to stretch my cock and don’t strangulate it. Probably i do strangle it cause it’s so slippery and i need to increase the force to grip it well. with baby powder i will reduce the slip and the force.

Thanks again.. see ya.

Driven by Testosterone Adrenaline and Pheromone Crowning Glory a New Creation Super Human Incarnation

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