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Kegels needed?

Kegels needed?

Ok i feel like a twat saying this because there probably the easiest exercise to do but kegels ruin my routine for me, i dread doing them! When doing them i somehow end up holding my breath and get frustrated with them! I just cant feel comfortable doing them?

Basically my question is are they needed? or has anyone got any tips if they feel as i do doing them to make them more bearable?

I think that’ s because you’re clenching your PC muscle… almost like you’re tensing your ass cheeks?? I had that problem too until i read this ——-> Locating the bc muscle

While I am only a couple months into PE, I can assure you that kegels are just as important as any other exercise in your routine, if not more important.

Doing kegels should not be hard, you must definitely be over thinking it if you are uncomfortable or holding your breath. It’s the same thing as when your peeing and you stop mid-stream. They get easier after the first 15-20.

You should do a search because I know for a fact this subject has been covered hundreds of times.

I think ill look into this more, cheers guys.

Why not just do them when you’re driving/riding in the car? I think a lot of guys do them at other times of the day rather than during a routine. It helps pass the time and you feel like you’re at least doing something productive.

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