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Kegel's: am I doint it right? I just don't feel it.

Kegel's: am I doint it right? I just don't feel it.

Hey guys,

I’ve stopped myself peeing and I can’t really feel what I’m meant to feel, I I kind of tighten my but but relax it at the same time, it feels like my bum hole is like getting the most out of it.

Any help thanks guys!

Keep working on it, you are getting it right. Try to tighten the muscles in between your bum hole and your base, as if trying to make your dick “lift” as well.

But it just takes time to figure out which muscles is which.

regards, mgus

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Plus the old stand-by… try and stop a flow of urine mid-flow by clenching the same muscles involved in a kegel. And hey presto, a kegel. Doesn’t take long to work out what the kegel is if you do this a few times.

Like what mgus said, if the pee thing isn’t helping, another way is to get semi erect (or full erect) and make your penis bounce up and down like it is waving goodbye to someone. Or to make your penis go up and hold it up and don’t let it fall back down (requires stronger muscles).

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