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Kegel Technique

Kegel Technique

I was curious, I’m a beginner and been going for about 3 days now with PE. I read that when you get the tug for your LOT that this is from the PC muscle which is what you’re working when you are doing kegels. So would it not be easier to pull against your LOT , and when the tug comes attempt to hold it. This way it is much easier to get a longer hold as you don’t have to initialize the muscle as it does it it’s self.

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The LOT measurement has to do with hanging weights from your penis. It was supposed to tell you the best way to hang to give you the best gains. It wasn’t really predictive of anything and many of us wish it would just go away instead of begin right there on the Newbie page inviting questions about it.

That said, the muscle you contract, as a man, is not the PC, it’s the BC. Read this: Locating the bc muscle. You do not need to hold on to your penis when you do Dr. Kegel’s exercise. The point is to contract it. No resistance needed. Contract, release, contract, release. It really is not as difficult as some people want to make it.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I saw that you use the BC and not the PC afterwards. Although as a newbie it can be hard to locate the BC muscle sometimes. When I get an erection I can usually easily locate it but after my endurance wears down all I am doing is just pumping some blood in and not moving it at all. Thanks for the info though :)

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