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Kegel technique

Kegel technique

Ok I have been reading about the technique for kegels and I am confused. I know my main purpose would be to contract the muscles that would stop the flow of urine, however, how does one maintain a contraction for 5secs without contracting the anal and/or abs? And am I getting this visual interpretation in my head correctly: basically just trying to raise the penis vertically without contracting other muscles? I just have trouble picturing it in my head.

Holding a kegel for five seconds may not be easy for someone new at it. Holding for any amount up to the five seconds would be OK to start with. If you can make your erect penis jump by contracting some muscles “down there” then you know how to kegel. Of course you don’t have to be erect to do them, it’s just an example that most guys would understand.

If you have to contract the anal muscles at the same time, that’s fine, too. Eventually you’ll learn to isolate the correct one. For the anatomy lesson, see this:

Locating the bc muscle

So after reading the anatomy lesson, the easiest way to make sure I am contracting the right muscle would be to feel the muscles between my rectum and scrotum during contraction? Is it ok that I feel the contraction with my hand for every single one, or will this cause a problem? Thanks again.

Once you learn which muscle to contract you won’t need to feel every one. Until then, feel free to touch yourself wherever you like. :)

If I’m making my penis bounce up, am I doing a reverse kegel?



Originally Posted by yokoracer
If I’m making my penis bounce up, am I doing a reverse kegel?

Not necessarily. You could be doing either a “regular” kegel or a “reverse.” I can make my cock bounce both ways.

Stopping and pushing out the flow of urine is a good way to tell which kind you’re doing:

— When you stop the flow, you’re using the muscles involved with what’s usually called a kegel.

— When you use your muscles to push out or speed the flow of urine, that, to me, is what some call a reverse kegel.

When I do a reverse, I don’t think I’m just relaxing my BC muscle. It seems like I’m also contracting another muscle, or group, that’s more up and around the top and sides of my penis — in my lower abdomen.

When I’m doing kegels against resistance, like with weights the way I described here, the feeling is more like a reverse kegel than a regular one. And kegeling against resistance definitely makes your penis bounce.

We really need to figure out another name for reverse kegels, because I agree it’s inaccurate. Maybe “push” (in contrast to squeeze)?

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