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Kegel Technique - help

Kegel Technique - help

A questions for those who have had good success with Kegels promoting erection hardness etc. I read allot about how many Kegels one should perform, but there is not allot written about technique. Specifically, I am looking for advice on how long to “hold” the contraction and how long between Kegels. Any advice is appreciated.thanks


You can make diferents rutins with Kegels.All of them are good.You can begin “holding” one or two seconds and if you fell comfortable you can hold 5 seconds or more.Your time its the best time.

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Should I pause for any particular time between kegels? I mean, how fast should I be going through them?

I dont have a separate routine for kegels anymore. I find myself kegelling while jelging all the time to force more blood in, plus when edging, you have to squeeze pretty hard not to ejaculate so it gets worked enough as it is. I think you can definitely over train with kegels which started causing premature ejaculation for me. It stopped when I stopped kegelling.

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