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Keeping the 80 erection

Keeping the 80 erection

Hello all,

I have been a silent users on this forum for just under a year and must say this site is awesome

I decided, after much thought, to give the go ahead on PE and see if it really works. Yesterday I tried my first jelq but had trouble keeping the “80%” erection :( Once I get to 80% erection and start jelqing slowly (3-5 sec each stroke) my erection starts dying. I always thought that keeping an erection would NOT be a problem as I am a very horny guy and still quite young (26).

Can anyone give me any pointers as to how I can keep my 80% erection constant?


Just a side note, I did try using the search facility but I didn’t know what terms to use to get an appropriate answer

hmm wird, I got the opposite problem; getting 110% hard after 3-5stroke’s! :P

Its an art, wich take time and endurance to learn I guess, Im still not able to do this meself….

Don’t sweat it: just focus on keeping as much blood as possible trapped in your shaft. Kegel more blood in as needed. If you really feel you need to sustain an erection, try pictures, porn, etc.

Archon83 - I know English is probably not your primary language, which is not a problem around here. Just try to use the spell checker before you post, it will have helpful hints for you so that none of the mods give you a hard time.

All the best.

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Even if you are jelqing at lower erection levels, keep jelqing, and try adding kegels to pump some blood in there. They are still effective at lower levels in my case. After I started doing this, I soon got the other way problem of getting too hard an erection during jelqing, but that’s a case of not getting to stimulated… anyway… one thing at a time! :D Good luck.

Hey Simbaa, how many jelqs do you manage? Or how much time did you do (depends what you use).

It may be you just need to give it a bit of time, and some gentle stimulation a long the way.

Good to hear from you I hope it goes well for you.

Hey Simbaa,

No worries, I also have the same problem. I’ve been doin PE for 2 months now and every time I jelq same things happens. But it’s not a problem, if you feel your erection is dying kegel blood into your shaft and carry on jelqing. Persistance pays off, I’m only 23 and it happens to me, I have got GREAT gains so carry on.

Thanks for all your responses

I for got to mention another point as aschon83 pointed. It’s either a 110% hard on or my dick starts “dying”. But yeah, I have taken all the replies into account and will apply them to my workout.

About kegels - I’m still hovering the site as to how properly they are done. So far I am halting the flow of urine but still don’t know if I am doing that right.

UK -Joe - I managed 10 mins of jelq as the newbie routine requires me to but it was with great difficulty. It was either with a blazing hard on or a semi weak erection. The first time I did it was just a trail.

Anyway, again, thank you for your replies. I have taken everything into account and will start my routine again on Sunday-Monday. After that I will post updates and will deffo come back if I need more answers.

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