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Keeping low erection level

Keeping low erection level

Is there any way to keep erection level low? I’m new and have only doing this for a week, so it’s unsafe to jelq at high erection. After about 50 strokes, I always have to take a break, and it makes one session take forever.

Hi John, Welcome to Thunders.

As your unit gets used to being handled you will be able to maintain the flaccid/semi-erect state whilst PEing.

Something that helped me was having sex or master baiting an hour or so before PEing, but I only did that until I could maintain the semi-erect state.

Good luck

State of Excitement

Get a photo of your ex wife or her mother and place it in front of you. Works wonders.

Don’t overlook the impact that a picture of your bosses wife might make.

On second though, you might dislike him enough that the image of screwing his better-half just to get even with him might sound appealing, making it even more difficult to only maintain a semi. You’re session might never get over!

Better forget this suggestion and stick with the photo of your ex mother-in-law.

Now when you say you masturbate, do you “finish”, b/c if so , then passion to do the workouts might diminish w/ tiredness. I don’t know, I have tried it, but in 3 minutes after I started, I had an erection again. Maybe I’m in shape or something.

Lol, Well as your dick gets used to being handled you will be able to maintain the semi-erect state. I didn’t believe it either but I’ve been PEing for a little less than a month now and I’ve got total control over my unit now

K thanks for replies. I am new with it so, I’ll just have to wait for my body to adjust I guess.

There is allot more to this than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s not so intuitive and takes trial and error. Mostly it takes effort and dedication.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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