Keep hanging at low weight or move to high weight?


I’ve hanging for around 2 months and I build up to 9lbs for the last 2 week, when hanging at 9lbs I feel sore and fatigue. But I hear lot of people said that I only can gain if I build up to hang more than 10lbs. So I mange to hang at 11lbs in the last few days. I do 3 set in the morning, 1 set at 11lbs and 2 set at 9lbs, same that in the night. My dick feel too tired all day if I hanging at this 11lbs even just 2 set / day . So I wonder what should I do now ? Keep hanging at 9lbs 6x20min a day or move up to 11lbs and take time to manage it at full 6x20set / day ?