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Just starting again

Just starting again


I’m starting up PE again after a long few years.. I’m just focusing on length gains (my girth is fine), so I’m doing only stretching, about 10 minutes a day. I can’t stretch for very long without getting a stiffy, so I usually either do it in phases throughout the day, or I will J/O then do it while I’m flaccid. My starting length is 6.5” and so far, I’m up to about 6.56 inches after a couple of weeks. I don’t expect to gain quickly, I just want to have consistent gains. I have noticed that after 2 weeks, my length has increased slightly, but my penis is much more floppy when flaccid. Is that a good sign? I am keeping track of my gains with an excel sheet which I will update about every 2 weeks or so. My goal is to be about 7.5 inches long. I do think I have “turkey neck” because there is a fatty skin which goes about 1/4” to 1/2” up the shaft. It does make my unit look a little smaller, but it doesn’t bother me since when you push it back, it reveals the full 6.5” length. So, obviously, it isn’t a problem during intercourse.

10/21/2010 Progress

Length: 6.7 in

Start (9/28/2010): 6.5 in

I posted in the other post my progress pics.

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