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Just starting. a couple of questions.

Just starting. a couple of questions.

So, I signed up here forever ago and then didn’t do anything about my penis. .I’ve decided it’s finally time to get this show on the road so I can stop being embarrassed and feeling shitty about myself.

Anyway, I was going to start the newbie routine today and I also have a fastsize extender. My questions are:

1) How does one get a “50-80%” erection? Should I jerk off before I jelq? Would taking a painkiller that makes my dick a bit more malleable work for that purpose?

2) How should I use the extender and jelqing in conjunction? Any recommendations?

3) Has anyone who has been at this for an extended period of time not seen any gains at all? Success stories seem more prevalent here but it makes me wonder about their proportion, so I was just curious.

.And any other suggestions you have that may help, I’m open.


To get 50 to 80% is something of an aquired skill, if you find yourself getting to erect, then yeah jerk off a while before. After a while of doing PE you will be able to maintain, through kegels and imagination the right % level for jelqing. Negative to the painkillers, you want feedback CONSTANTLY. Take it from me, the dick is very easily injured and takes a while to heal.

1) porn & masturbation.

2) I’d jelq before and after using the extender.

3) No idea, but I’d assume since results vary there have been those without any success at all.

Be patient results don’t come over night. Listen to your penis if it needs a rest give it one.

good luck!

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1) Practice. Do keggels instead of jerking off.

2) Don’t even think about using the extender yet. Stick to the newbie routine for a few months first.

3) Yes.

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Usage of the extender shouldn’t affect your jelqing. I might be at odds with others here but I think you’ll be fine to start using the extender straight away. All the commercial extender sites don’t talk about other manual exercises and they have conducted studies that have shown big increases in length without anything other than extender use.

Personally I find wearing the extender throughout the day motivates me to do my manual exercises at night, before I had it I was much less consistent with the newbie stuff.

There are some examples of people who haven’t grown at all, but not many of them :( . Do not be discouraged though. Just do your best and don’t worry about other people.

Oh and please do kegels! :)

I think if you just stick with the newbie routine you shouldn’t need the extender for a couple of months. Keep it simple at first, don’t want to over do it early in your PE.

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