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Starting to Jelq but have questions

Starting to Jelq but have questions


I am interested in starting Jelqing - although my concerns are it may cause erectile dysfunction or a deformed looking penis i.e. thinner at the bottom than the shaft.

Also if I manage to get gains will they be lost if I stop jelqing.

Another concern is the red flags some internet sites put up about jelqing mentioning the above.

I am starting by just doing 80 Jelqs a day at about 60-70% erect with lubricant.

Can anyone help me with these concerns?

If you are just starting, I think 80 is right, only make it a gradual progress rather than applying intense pressure from day one. It might make your skin sore and ofcourse might produce a donut swelling below the glans (which normally disappears after a day or 2). I prefer dry jelqing where there’s no “sliding” or relative motion between your hand grip & the skin of your dick. Since ther’es no relative motion (slip) you don’t need a lubricant. Just by the friction of your OK grip you slide the hand as long as you can take it (towards the glans).

I am not a pro, but from my experience in the last few months there has been no side effect/deformation/ED

This message was changed? Why? Do you understand the theory behind smooth muscle? People are getting hurt out there.

Hi Cya at 8 - Yes I’ve posted 2 similiar messages, I didn’t mean to confuse things. I’m a novice on this site at the moment I wasn’t sure which forum to put the queries on so I varied it and put it in 2 different ones.

What is the theory behind smooth muscle and how do you mean people are getting hurt out there.

You must be careful, There is a small thresh hold of tolerance between the break down and repair cycle and just plain break. Too much pressure can rupture the tunica and cause PEYRONIE’S DISEASE!!! Smooth muscle has little tolerance for over strenuous activity.

Please watch the nerve bundle as well. Just watch what you are doing and be careful.

I thought we might actually have started to get into the possible side effects from PE. So that people could know what not to do as well as what to do. Disclaimers don’t work for someone who wants a bigger rod right now and isn’t hearing the warnings. Take it easy, follow directions and you’ll be just fine. Don’t follow direction’s and you might not have an erect penis for a very long time.

Cya at 8

Thanks for the warnings bud, where exactly can I get the exact directions on what to do and what not to do. Where exaclt is the nerve bundle as well. I do want bigger size desperately but I definitely do not want any unwanted side effects. I’m taking it very gently at the moment and not putting too much pressure on - as a result I am feeling no pain afterards. I am taking this as a good sign.

I have been jelqing for two months and have seen positive gains.

#1 girth

#2 1/4” length

#3 hardness

#4 vascularity

Explore this great website that thunder has given to us for free and read all the theories and try the “beginner” things. Like jelqing.

As in bodybuilding magazines you will read about alot of different “guaranteed” methods to grow.

Different methods work for different men but the bottom line is that when you find the method that is right for you: you will be that 300 lb. monster. Or in pe terms, that 12 inch monster that you want to be.

Here is my advice:

sit in a chair and squirt a pile of lotion on your thigh. then squirt some on your penis and rub it in.

alternating the ok signs jelq straight up.

pull toward your face as hard as you can under the pain threshhold for 15 minutes and then your done.

your glans should be very enlarged and your penis should feel heavy.

the next day you should have the “donut” under your glans.

take a day off and wait until your penis is not swollen and repeat.

let your body tell you when to go for 20 minutes or more without pain.

keep striving to increase without rushing it.

Thanks imarbley although surely thats pushing it?


You’ve got the right idea. Start slow and slowly increase your workout over time, and your chance for any injury is slim to none. Here is a good thread to read about jelqing. (In case you haven’t read it already.)

So, how are your PE workouts going?

Thanks SuperStroker checking that out now, I gave it a rest for a while but will now give it another go.

What was your experience gains..etc with jelqing? Also were your gains permanent?

It’s hard to say how much jelqing has contributed to my gains. For girth, 1/8” is permanent, and I lost the other 1/8” (probably just temporary swelling). My length gains have been permanent, even with a lot of time off. My PE career has been on and off for many reasons, so it’s hard to give you a specific answer.

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