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Just had an idea.

Just had an idea.

Many people say to leave your dick alone after a PE session, but I was wondering if it makes sense to edge or at least masturbate after PE. Logic tells me that the process of jelqing forces more blood into the penis and makes the penis larger over time. So after jelqing doesn’t it makes sense to keep your penis engorged. (keep those newly expanded areas filled with blood for as long as possible)

I’ve had several injuries while trying to PE so this is not something that I plan on rushing into or anything, I just thought that it might be an interesting concept for the more experienced PE’ers to tinker with. It seems like it might cement gains faster.

Either one puts extra stress on your junk. You may or may not react well to the extra stress. I used to edge after every session. Once I stopped I noticed my p stayed fatter and hung lower for longer periods.

These days I think I DO have a pretty big dick

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The general consensus at this site is that masturbation is inadvisable. Especially masturbation with ejaculations.

As for me, I ignore that advice, masturbate a lot, cum 3-7 times after workouts and have been seeing good gains in more than 2 years. One may argue, that because of that I haven’t gained 0,1-0,2”. Perhaps… On the other hand, I’ve masturbated roughly a thousand hours and cum two thousand times over this period of time. Which wasn’t bad I must say :)

If youre going to do it, maybe do it for 5-10 minutes. One thing I have noted about edging…if you do it on an off day, say for 15 minutes, and you do it right, it leaves you with a ridiculous flaccid hang. I was stunned the first time I edged correctly and saw this. It lasted for like 30 minutes.

I agree with UM1991. That’s a good recommendation.

On those rear occasions when I didn’t ejaculated but just was edging my flaccid was really good too.

Edging will make you better at sex more than anything else except kegels. I try not to ejac more than a couple times a week. Pretty sure it keeps testosterone levels up if you don’t shoot too often.

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