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My idea of a device.

My idea of a device.

I am a newbie, but I’m a newbie who has done some research. I’ve looked into the mechanics of several devices and many of them, even though horribly expensive, can cut your blood flow and damage the nerves because they all for some reason work by tightening something to the underside of the glans. Also I have noticed that all the devices apply a definitive force that does not allow the penis to feel comfortable and it does not give it any form of rest like hanging weights for example (english is not my main language so I hope you people understand what I’m trying to say :p ).

My idea of a device involves elasticity in which while applying stretching pressure to the penis it also allows it to adjust to any stress. A plastic tube about 1.75 inches long should be the piece that holds the penis by the shaft, while surrounded by some type of cloth or tape.. BUT the idea is that, while flaccid, the ring holds the shaft by some blood pressure build up from the base up. To make the concept work there is a ring that will be placed at the base and from there two tubes, one on each side will extend farther than penis stretched length and at the tip of each bar there is a hanger to place the elastic band that will stretch the penis. The tube that holds the penis has a ring around it with two holes from where the elastic bands will hold. When everything is in place the elastic band should be creating enough pressure on the length of the penis while at the same time giving it a chance of retraction, resting, flexibility would be a terms perhaps I should use plus it is not interfering directly with the blood flow AND it wouldn’t be damaging the glans, nerve endings, etc.. I hope I made my idea clear and of course this is just an idea from all the things I’ve seen.. After all.. I’m just a newbie :)

The pictures are of a quick model I did in 3d. The elastic bands are not shown but I believe you can figure out how it works :D

Any questions, feedback and questions are welcome of course

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I think you might have a problem with skin stretch here - you need to get “through” the skin to grab the tunica, or at least constrict it enough to build up a “plug” of blood in front of your plastic tube, right? I believe this may be a difficult problem, finding a tube that will adapt to the different sizes the shaft has when flaccid and when under stretch. Also, if you have it tight enough to form a blood plug in the front, then you will be restricting blood flow.

If you are going to have such a low tension that you don’t have a problem with retraction, you are looking at a stretcher (low forces) rather than an extender (slightly higher forces) - not sure if you are going to have any use of that other than to keep from turtling after workouts, as a complement to manual exercises or hanging.

regards, mgus

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