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Just Finished First PE Session. Got a few 's

Just Finished First PE Session. Got a few 's

Hey guys could really use some help from people who really know what they’re talking about, just finished my first PE session, I did the Newbie Routine to the T, I warmed up by kneeling down in my bathtub and cupping my hand under the fossit so that it would shoot the hot water at my penis (I first tried with a cup but with my tiny turtled flaccid it didn’t work so well). After doing that for about 5 or so mins I tried to manual stretch, with my dick still being wet it was nearly impossible to keep a grip so I dried it off and waited for a few mins and then was able to do the 10 30 second stretches, I’m pretty sure I did them right but I don’t really feel anything now, I felt a little something while I was doing them. First two ?’s was my warm up ok since it was more of beating my penis with hot water than having it sit inside of something hot? Second question, should I be feeling something in my ligs now or is it normal to not feel anything out of the ordinary after? Ok after that I started to Jelq I lubed up with some vaseline and did 10 mins of approx. 3 second strokes, my dick did swell up and look pretty awesome while I was doing them like the instructions said it would. Although something that the instructions had that def. Didnt happen in my case was it says the penis will stay swelled up for a few hours after, mine turtled up about 5 mins after I was done as if nothing had changed?? Why did this happen instead of staying swelled? So then I did my same kneeling in the bathtub and having the hot water hit my dick for about 5 or so mins as a warm-down. I will do the kegels as soon as I get off the computer. If anyone can help with my questions it would be greatly appreciated seeing as I am a newb and I have a horrible starting size, it’s about 4.6-5 BPEL and I havent really been able to measure my girth. I read Yguys story and I hope I can gain like he does I hope to gain maybe an inch and .5 in girth sometime in the next six months.. Thx guys

Try the facecloth method for your warmup. Then you can compare it to what you did. The idea is to get the facecloth as warm as possible but not much moisture. That way you get steam heating your dick. Be careful of course.

With the stretching, ease into stretches. If you can’t feel anything while you are stretching you probably aren’t doing it right. Try using some tissue paper for grip or a piece of cloth or something.

You may have turtled because you pushed it too far, too fast with your jelqing. If it happens again consider being a little more careful to start with (you will need to up the jelqing as you proceed with PE).

By the way, it was really hard to read your post because it’s not paragraphed. If you hit return a couple of times between thoughts it would help and might increase the number of responses you get in a thread.

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Sorry bro I’m new to the whole forum thing, but thanks for the helpful advice, disapointing I really thought I did the Jelqs right, but if I turtle after does that mean theres no way I did them right

My experience is that when I’ve finished a successful jelqing session my dick hangs fatter and longer for a good number of hours.

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MY dick also feels much hotter :)

Well, In my experience I have had the 2. One time my dick hangs fuller after a jelqing/stretching session, one time it turtles up. Don’t know what could be the cause.

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Same here. I am pretty new to all of this, but I have days where my flaccid is good, others not so good.

Routine is the same and I always do some edging at the end to exchange blood and get a nice stiffy.

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