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Just experimented with clamping today

Just experimented with clamping today

Today I decided to give clamping a try using one of those cable clamps. Even though I accidentally bought one that was slightly too large (thus I could barely make it tight enough, I’ll buy a smaller one tomorrow) I’ve decided that it is the shit. I really liked it. I liked the look my unit had from the use of it. I’m going to go on using it for a while and see what kind of gains I get from it. Anybody have any comments on their gains from the use of clamping? Please, everybody, chime in. Cheers.

I did it for quite a while. Check my stats page. Didn’t really see any results from it. Plus, all the porn I watched to keep hard while clamping really affected my psychological standing with respect to the stimuli required to get an erection. So basically, I felt like it was harder to get an erection UNLESS I was wataching porn. Weird.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Since starting PE I’ve gone from 5 inches erect girth to 5 5/8 inches erect girth. I can’t say it all came from clamping, but I do believe the most intense expansion I’ve gotten when doing girth work has come from clamping. The only other exercise I’ve performed in an effort to attack girth is jelqing. I would suggest some form of jelqing along with your clamping. I also include manual stretching throughout the day. Also, for me, I must heat Dick Cheney before and between each clamping session. Without heating I get red spots from top to bottom. Too, thorough heating seems to promote expansion when clamped and tends to decrease one major side effect - discoloration. Massage Dick inbetween and after clamping. He seems to like it and it wards off the tan.

Hey Marty,

How long have you been doing PE? Also, how long have you been doing clamping? Whatever the answers are, good going on the gains. It’s inspiring to hear about the results that others have gotten from the same or similar techniques that I’m using. It makes me want to keep going. Thanks for the boost. Cheers.

Formally started PE November 2003. I’d experimented with manual jelqing on a small scale before, saw the promise, but never acted on those promises. As for clamping, I think I started tinkering with the Uli thingy sometime in early 2004. Later I read a thread on here about cable clamps and started incorporating their use into my routines. For a solid two months or so, however, I have focused on clamping more so than anything else.

Be careful with the clamping and all girth work. Ease into the exerises as Dick Cheney becomes conditioned to the pressures. My Dick Cheney is in shape and is able to handle some extreme clamping. One of the most productive clamp routines I’ve found involves the use of two clamps. Talk about generating pressure and expansion. I have found nothing better for me. But this is something you should not try until after many weeks, maybe months, of traditional clamping.

Thanks again, Marty.

Good luck with the gains. Never have tried clamping

Clamping RoCkS!! Of course you need to know how to do it correctly. I now can get a rock solid clamp session with absolutely no porn. If I need porn then I know my member isn’t up to clamping for that day and do it the next day.


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