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GMJ tried SO today

GMJ tried SO today

Ha Bigger and others,

I hang SO today for the first time ever and I like it.

I assume this feeling I am getting along the complete length of my shaft is the Tunica stretching and that at the base it is those attachment points that are taking a work out?

Basically Bigger my hanging has not always been what I would of liked for so far so today I though “Stuff it I will give SO hanging a go”

Well I am happy I moved alittle further out of my comfort zone.

Here is what I have experienced today with SO hanging for the first time.

I am using the same weight I was using for BTC 5.5kg (about 11pds).

The stretching feeling is much different from BTC feeling I experienced.

I have my pivot bar where my rope goes over and down to my PVC weight stack set just above my penis height. So what is happening is my penis is slightly stretching up and not horizontal.

I understand that I will have to increase weight slight here in this position because my pivot bar is acting like a lever and give me some mechanical advantage, thus I am not getting the full 5.5kg pull on my shaft.

However if I learn slight backwards I can increase tension somewhat. I feel I will need to be careful with this movement because it is like manual stretching because I then am using unknown weight.

AM I also able to pivot on my chair from side to side when I please. This I have noticed allows me to shift the focus of the pull or stretch to either side of my base. And Guess what its my LHS base that produces a greater work being done feeling than my RHS.

I bet that is because I am hung to the Left and my internals on the my LHS at the Base are probably tighter than the right. Thats something that we talked before about a few months ago.

What also interesting is that there is no skin stretch what so ever in this position for me. The stretch is completely internal right up into my base. I can feel all my insides being stretched.

My LOT is around 7.30 to 8 o’clock so I still have some ligament gains hopefully. I have had no gains so far with BTC, mainly because my skin is so tight and not wanting to go up in weight I opted for a different angle.

Well for most reading this post by me you probably have already learnt what I experienced today but for me is was another step towards my bigger penis.



It all sounds great. And normal. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone.


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