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Jeqling loss of erection quality

Jeqling loss of erection quality

I’ve been following the newbie routine with a few more exercises. However, it seems like the quality (stiffness) or my erections has gone down? Is this normal in starting a new routine? I’ve been having more sex then usual, but that’s never been a problem.

I did a few jeqls last night before I got into it, and it felt like I was more full. Most likely it’s only my mental perception, but I felt better.

No advanced techniques yet. The two exercises that I added are the BTC hold and my ADS. The BTC is a light stretch for maybe 10 minutes, and the ADS is for around 10 minute as well. I’m trying to ready myself for my PM (that should have been here today).

msho, don’t worry too much about the slight impotence effect, I’ve had it many times from doing BTC stretchs while sittting down on my dick in my first months in PE. It seems to burst blood vessels sometimes, if you’re dick is not strong enough from jelqing and manual stretching yet. I’ve had the slight impotence effect happen twice right after doing BTC stretchs while sitting down for 5-10 mins in the first couple months of my PE, I then just took a day or two off from PE and everything returned to normal erection hardness.

It’s funny because I can now fowfer (BTC stretch) for a long ass time like 30 mins on each side of ass cheeks for up to 2-3 hours with no problems whatsoever. Lately I’ve quit doing BTC stretchs for now since I have gotten most of my lig growth (my LOT is at about 6:30) and just do hanging and manual stretching to target the tunica with warmups, and I am proud to say I have successfully made gains this way. :) Keep up the good work msho, and stay determined every day even if your measurement didn’t come out the way you wanted or you’re getting bored, psyche yourself up for PE by reading about it or trying new things. :) Hope this helps.

Thanks lovemachine. That’s definitely reassuring. I’m not planning on measuring until at least after a month, but so far I’m having an unusually good time bonding with myself. Besides my concern, I just feel better doing all the exercises and stretches. This is good stuff.

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