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Jelqing while lying down

Jelqing while lying down

I usually jelq in my bath while lying on my back. So this means my dick is going straight up. I was wondering if this would have any negative effects, because the blood would be harder to keep in the penis, or does this not make any difference?


It doesn’t make any difference. Just be consistent in your program and continue what you’re doing.


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I jelq lying down, I gain, and Im not the only one for sure. Keep going my canadian friend :)

Care to share your routine with us chunkyaa34?

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Sure, very simple, Im still on the newbie routine but with some modifications.

-Warm up
-25 minutes jelqing
-5 Uli of 30 sec.
-15 minutes stretches (6,9 and 12 oclock stretch for 15 minutes)

I did start with 15 min jelqing and 10 min stretch, and work my way up to this routine. I keep intensity high, and do this routine 3 times a week (tu,th,sat).

Laying on your back can restrict blood flow to your penis, seems like it would affect your gains but if you have had success don’t quit.

My 2 Cents in this thread are, I think laying on your back may have some disadvantages, 1. as stated by Burna blood flow is restricted due to gravity 2. I feel when you stand or sit you also get more of a stretch on the penis, I don’t know how much this will effect your gains but remember any excersise is better than none, if you feel comfortable laying down then continue with that, Over and out Bamixgee.


Many guys jelq in the bath and are successful. It makes no difference. As long as you can keep the blood in you should be fine. Personally I think it is just as easy to stay “filled” whether standing or lying down. Good luck to you.


Gravity isn’t a problem - unless you have a very long schlong the level difference will be no more than a few inches, and maybe not even that if you are half-reclined in the bath. Remember, if you have a deep cut in your leg, you’ve got to lift legs high to keep pressure down. What I’m trying to say is that the heart is a powerful thing, and your blood pressure in various parts of the body is regulated in pretty nifty ways. All free of charge, thanks to evolution.


If you can handle 30-45 minutes of standing or bending forward sitting while jelqing I would say go for it since gravity will probably give you a little more pressure in the pepe. Its hard enough to PE, but I prefer to be comfortable while doing it so I lay down and jelq at lower angles. As long as you gauge the pressure while doing your jelqing and making sure that there is expansion going on beyond your normal erect state then the potential for growth is there. I measure about 1/4” expansion from normal erect state at the maximum pressure of the jelq.

K thanks for replies. I was worried about the gravity thing, but I guess it makes a very small, if any difference.

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