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Jelqing - Where to apply the pressure

Jelqing - Where to apply the pressure

Hi everyone,

I am in the midst of the newbie routine and wanted to ask a quick question about jelqing as I am unsure if I am doing it right.

With regards to the grip, where should the pressure be focused?

I have been putting the pressure on the sides of the shaft but I do not seem to keep a good pump.

Should the pressure be more focused on the top and bottom of the shaft?

Many Thanks,


The pressure needs to be on the sides of the penis, so you are doing it right.

With the overhand OK grip, the soft area between thumb and forefinger is on top of the penis and the thumb, forefinger and middle finger are working in opposition to each other against the sides of the penis. Don’t put pressure on the bottom.

With the standard OK grip it can be a little harder to turn the wrist enough for the soft area between thumb and forefinger to be right at the bottom, so you might be a little more towards the diagonal than the very vertical overhand OK but actually you probably want to leave a little space at the bottom to allow the sideways pressure to be exerted well. That is to say, don’t push up to the bottom of the penis with great pressure, make it loose and allow the pressure from the sides to deform the cross-sectional shape of the penis but even with a full pressure grip, try to avoid pressure on the bottom.

With regard to keeping the pump going, sometimes you lose sufficient erection and that’s OK, just take a little time out to recover your erection. If the adverse is the problem and you are too erect you also won’t find that pressure on the side does the job, so allow time for your erection to flag a little. You need that goldilocks level of erection, not too much and not too little.

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Hey memento,

I have a very pronounced CS, so my dick is rather “deep” than wide. How should I jelq?

Try avoiding the CS but if pressure is on the sides, you’ll bee doing that already unless your CS is more pronounced than your CCs combined, which seems unlikely. The CC’s are what you want to be impacting on.

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Can you explain why I should avoid targeting the CS?

Originally Posted by sorolo
Can you explain why I should avoid targeting the CS?

Good question I’d like to know this as well.

I have a hard time keeping a good pump in the glans if I just concentrate in the CCs, but I see that it makes sense to target just them. The CCs feel much harder than the CS.

So the CCs don’t feed the glans at all?

No. It is obviously attached to them but it is not fed by them. Next time you have an erection, try pushing on your glans toward the CC’s, you will feel a distinct point where the CC’s end. Try to familiarize yourself with the way your penis works and its construction. It certainly will not hurt you in this endeavor. ;)

Interesting stuff.

Hi, I think I’ve always done my Jelqing with the pressure more so on top and bottom than on the sides. I don’t seem to have an injury with it but could I have done damage doing it this way. Today I switched to pressure on this sides and itt definitely feels different. Any chance that’s the reason why I haven’t really been gaining? Hope the change will finally stimulate some growth.

In the last two weeks I tried to put more focus on the CCs when jelqing. It feels like the CCs have a much harder/stronger structure than the CS.

Did you make the same experience?

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