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How much pressure do I apply when jelqing

How much pressure do I apply when jelqing

I’ve been PEing for maybe a month and a half now.pretty much stuck with the beginner routine. I’m not really getting frustrated yet due to no gains ( that I can see, haven’t actually measured yet) but I’m starting to think I might not be applying enough pressure to my penis while jelqing. In the video that guy seems to be pushing quiet the point where his foreskin overlaps the head of his penis. Also people talk about seeing gains “while” jelqing.larger head or something. I don’t notice any change in size during my routine. I don’t know maybe I need some assurance to make sure I haven’t been wasting my time.

Also do you vet’s recommend jelqing standing up? Or sitting down? I find the blood rushes to my glans faster while sitting down.but get a better pulling action if I stand. Lol. Seems most things on here are just personal preference but I was just wondering what some of you vets who have made gains do.

Hi Kd

I shouldn’t worry too much about the lack of gains just yet , as most guys, it seems take a bit longer than that to start gaining. Your unit shuld feel pleasantly ‘excited’ as it were. Not necessarily with an erection But rather like your body after training etc.

The one thing to avoid is too much pressure when doing the exercises. . It might be worth breaking the jelqing/pulling/stretching into say two or three mini sessions but using a little more effort hem. If it still feels comfortable (but ‘tingling’ then carry on doing one seesiosn slike that for a week or so.

The simply explanation is gradually build up the pressure, but not how your penis is responding.

But remember Soreness means trouble; ease off.

There is no one better way of standing or sitting Jelqs. It depends what suits you. either will do, So try them both and see which is the best for you.

Hope that helps.

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My grip is quite firm, but I always jelq wet as well. I sit, back straight, 2-3 second jelq time for 15-20 minutes every other to every third day. I always pre warm (hot soak) and post warm (hot soak). I have had a great deal of success with this routine.

I think grip is best judged by each individuals comfort level. My grip is very firm and jelq is at 20-60% erect. Just watch PI’s such as EQ and erection frequency as you experiment with your jelq routine.

Good luck!

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