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Jelqing pressure question

Jelqing pressure question

Hi everyone.

I havn’t seen many videos that actually show you how much pressure while jelqing is safe / beneficial. Does anyone have a link?

After jelqing for almost a year I am finally pushing the boundaries of pressure.

My current technique is this (opinions / comments welcome):

- Soft cock-ring at base which maintains engorgement at 60-70 erection level

- squeeze on cock ring with left hand —> squeeze as close as possible to first hand with right hand and jelq to the glands

- repeat above

I get heaps of vein growth and my girth also grows considerably during the jelq. I am wondering whether I should keep trying to increase the squeeze so that I feel more pressure on my member - I am weary of squeezing to pain however.

I am at the stage that I am very confident about my technique / erection level (because I geat great engorgement during exercise and no pain) but I am wondering if I should keep pushing the pressure up or not? I already squeeze quite hard atm.


Hey Soft, I’m just starting out, and I’m sure you have much more experience than me, but here’s my two cents. I tend to use quite a light grip (perhaps just a little tighter than my masturbation grip). The point of the exercise is just to push blood in to the chambers of the penis to expand them. If you can do that with a light grip, then why tighten your grip further even if you are confident about your technique? That just increases the risk of injury. I think being consistent and safe will yield better results than intense risky exercises in the long run.

Remember, “It’s always the best swimmers who drown.”

Best of luck with your journey! What are your gains so far if I may ask?

My gains have been minimal (most change has been vascularity) which is why I am considering that level of pressure is the issue. Having said that I havn’t measured myself in a while which I will do within the next few days.

So the year of jelqing is based on one set routine or it has progressed to an almost painful jelqing routine? Have you tried preheat/warmup? Post heat? What are your goals? What were your starting measurements? Where are you now? Geez give the guys here some data to chew on so the seniors can help. I’m surprised none of them have chimed in. Post the info and I bet you will get some good advice. :) good luck!

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Are you doing dry or wet?

For newbies, don't overdo pressure. For non-newbies, find ways to maximize it.

MetaMorpho: my routine has always been jelqing about 15 minutes 3 -4 times a week max. What has changed is pressure increase (for example using a cock ring to assist). I guess you could say I am near pain with my jelq routine atm but then again there is potentially room to add pressure without pain (always reluctant to explore too quickly). And yes always warm up and warm down. Goals mainly girth (thus no stretchnig).

Armoman: Always do wet jelqs. I am not newbie - I have used soft to moderate pressure for a very long time with not much gain but since I started increasing pressure in the past month or 2 (when I really found out how to get a very engorged but relatively soft member) I have noticed increased vascularity.

Measurements coming soon - think I started on 15-16cm length and 11.5 or 12 girth

cheers all


They always say listen to your penis if its too sore your going to hard.

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Originally Posted by
They always say listen to your penis

:) Struck me as funny, like is there a guy who doesn’t?


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