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Jelqing twice a day

Jelqing twice a day

Hey everyone, just wondering if any one has heard of doing two jelqing sessions in the same day. I am just curious as to whether this would be more beneficial, or whether it may be too much and hinder the growth process in some way. Also wondering if anyone has any tips on circulation, because I don’t seem to have the best circulation to my penis. It is often cold, rarely a full limp, and after my PE sessions it stays full for maybe a few minutes rather than for hours as it does with many other guys. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

In my opinion, I think jelqing for 10 minutes twice a day, will yield roughly the same results as jelqing for 20 minutes once a day. I doubt many people on here have experimented with the two enough to give you any justifiable reason why one may be better than the other. That being said, I am sure a handful of members have, and perhaps they could better touch on your situation. All I can say is…. GOOD LUCK!!! Oh, welcome to the community!!!


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