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Jelqing Symptoms

Jelqing Symptoms

Hi all,

It seems that after doing the newbie routine for a couple weeks I’m noticing a couple of things. First of all, I am uncircumsized and come with a naturally baseball bat shaped penis. During jelqing, due to the nature of my foreskin, it seems as if the blood is being trapped mostly in the foreskin leading to a lot of discolouration and swelling near the glans. I haven’t noticed any of the usual “red pin pricks” on the glans at all. Moreover, although the penis plumps a little, I don’t much sensation in the tunica although I am jelqing upwards. Are there any suggestions as to modifying the jelqing I’m doing? I also have the “baseball bat” shape going on, so I would like to focus on gaining base length but it feels as if most of the blood goes to the head even if I am 80-90% erect. Could somebody clarify at what point of the jelqing (fingers at base, middle, or glans) is the blood being forced into the base and any methods to overcome the foreskin issue? If I try to pull the skin back and perform a wet jelq while holding the skin back, I experience pain due to the force of the jelq stretching the skin. It seems that my Vaseline lube isn’t doing its job right :(



I am cut, so I can’t give you direct feedback on jelqing and being uncircumcised. But here’s a link,

How to Jelq

you may find useful. Once there, scroll down to “Uncircumcised Jelqing”.


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