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Jelqing stretching without discolouration

Jelqing stretching without discolouration

Hi everyone, just a question from a “newby”.

From the collective experiences of all of those in the forum, can someone tell me if it possible to have gains in size/girth without discolouration of the penis?

I am not concerned about my erect size, though any gain is welcome. I am concerned about my flaccid size and always have been since I was young.

I am interested in gaining length, particularly when flaccid but I have NO dreams of being a porn star and having a penis the size of a horse!

I just want gradual increases, length over girth without any deformation of my penis in shape or colour.

Can anyone suggest specific “low impact” exercises which will give me these gains.

P.S. I am on Warfarin which is an anti-coagulant. This medication makes me very prone to bruising and skin damage. I have already given myself a bad bruise on my penis tip from filing the glans too much with blood. Can anyone suggest a way of NOT getting an erection during jelqing / stretching?

You won’t find low impact exercises. This is quite a hard thing to do, the penis doesn’t want to change.

For a person not on anti-coagulants a good solid routine will not produce “bruising”. In fact breaking of the veins where a coagulant is important shouldn’t happen. This discoloration is different in nature to bruising.

In your position it sounds like a minor injury will be amplified.

You may get some lig gains simply from stretching and that might be a route to flaccid size for you.

Is there any way you can wait until you are off anti-coagulants or is your condition chronic?

Try and stay away from high erection jelqing. This, I believe, caused my discoloration.

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Thanks for your thoughts guys.

The Warfarin is permanent (unless a better drug comes along to replace it), I have a congenital blood disorder which makes my blood clot too much. I got a massive DVT in 2000 and since than have been on Warfarin.

I think the stretching is the way to go perhaps with as much low erection stuff as possible.

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