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Jelqing Pointer for Newbies

Jelqing Pointer for Newbies

Been doing pe on and off for a few years, but recently started “for real” a couple of months ago. I was getting disappointed because I hadn’t seen any gains. Last night I realized what I was doing wrong:

Make sure you get enough blood in there.

I guess I was jelqing at less than 50% erection. Almost by accident, I let more blood in and the sensation was completely different. It almost hurt a little, similar to pumping or claming if you’ve ever tried those. My head got really huge, even at the start of each stroke. You should still have enough room to get a firm grip around the base, and the penis should be more wobbly than firm, but enough blood so you know you’re pushing it to its biggest size by the end of each stroke.

After doing this for two nights I had a gain of 1/8”, first real gain evar.

Starting: Jun1,06 NBPEL 7.25" EG 5"

Update1: Sep1,06

That is very good to know. Thank you.

Do you do wet jelq or dry jelq?? I am still unsure of what’s a good thing to use for wet jelq.

Thanks Mike. A good thing to use for wet jelq is olive oil in the shower, it cleans up ok. Or you can buy some other special oil like Vitamin E or Jojoba in Rite Aid or Longs or something, because if anyone asks about those you can just say you use them for your hair or your dry skin.

I find Vaseline lip balm is great for wet jelqing. It lasts longer than ordinary vaseline and comes in handy little pots.

I use cocco butter, great in the shower. And thanks for the pointer, i’ve been jelqing at less than 50% and have seen no gains.

How much pressure would you recommend using when jelqing? I find when I put alittle to much pressure, I develop alot of blood marks. Is this ok?

That was always my problem with jelqing. I know some guys get too hard and have to stop every little bit but jelqing doesn’t get me going and I tend to get too soft. You do need to keep the old trouser trout in a kind of in between state.

That is pretty normal for starting out and your unit will toughen up a bit as you go. Also, I will fine tune your jelqing skills as well. Having said that do be careful to not break your penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hey thanks for the input Iamaru. I appreciate it.

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