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Jelqing permanent?

Jelqing permanent?

Am new to this board and judging by some of the gains some people have made, I’m interested in starting asap. One thing I would like to know! If you say Jelq for a couple of years and then stop, I have read that the old chap can reduce back to the size it was before you started or near to what you started at. Is it a case that if you start, you can never afford to stop?


It’s just like the freaks in India.
The put rings on their necks to stretch out their neck part.
It will pull back a bit if they let it. But do you really think they
will have a normal length neck after that treatment.

If you cut of the tip of your finger, it will grow back out.
If you cut of half of your finger it won’t.

That’s kinda how it works.

Do search for cement, you’ll find some good information concerning this topic. Sorry, but I am too new to have much to cement, yet. ;)

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