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PE gains ARE permanent!

PE gains ARE permanent!

Hi to eberyone, especially to newbies:

A frequent question among newbies: are jelqing gains permanent?

Fortunately, the answer is YES and the explanation is the following:

The objective of jelqing is to force blood to the penis head and to the whole organ, in order to expand the cells that form the erectile tissue. Once these cells are expanded (even if we would like to do so), we can´t revert the effect, turn them back to their previous size. So, they will remain enlarged as well as the member which is formed by that tissue. Between the cells there are walls separating them. By the result of jelqing these walls become thicker, which provokes the orgen to be stronger, healthier, able to maintain stronger erections. The fear of impotence is kept far away, no matter age. This effect is also irreversible. Nobody can turn back these walls to their previous thickness, so that the new strength provided to the penis -as well as its performance- is irreversible. Gains of PE, therefore, are permanent.

I agree with this, but I also believe there is an inbetween stage where these walls have not yet solidified at their extended state. As I have lost gains before from not maintaining a consistant workout before those gains have solidified. But I learned my lesson, and haven’t allowed this to happen again. I think once it has been stretched out, it’s important to keep pushing that treshold for enough time for the cells to buildup and permanently stretch and stay there.

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Where does “deconditioning” for further gains play into this ?

I think deconditioning is only really nessassary when you have been doing PE for a long time and your unit has adapted to your routine. When you find you that you have to do way too much to get the same effect, your penis has become overly resiliant. I think this applies more for hangers when they have gotten to such a heavy weight that they start to just bruise themselves. This would be when taking a break could allow them to decondition and go back to a lower weight to be able to work back up and make some gains with lighter weights again.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by Redwood1981
I think this applies more for hangers

Actually, no. It applies equally to everyone, regardless of the type of PE you do.


Say that after you haven’t been PE’ing for a year or more.

My experience has been a slight but measurable drop in girth and a slight but measurable drop in erect length.

My experience has been very much like Redwood’s. I made great gains but cut back too soon. I realize now I should have maintained my routine for another month or two before I went on a maintenance schedule. Live and learn, huh, Redwood?


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That’s right HH, and I don’t plan on stopping PE until I have actually gone passed my goals and then a couple monthes more just to make sure they are there to stay.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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