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Jelqing mistake

Jelqing mistake

I am due to start PE again after a brief break due to slight injury and have been reading up a bit before I begin. I thought I knew how to jelq and was familiar with its methods until I read a post on here about dry erect jelqing. I prefer to dry jelq erect and thought my methodology was sound but am having doubts now.

The way I do it is to get an erection and then form a tightish ok grip with one hand as close as possible to the pubic bone then using the other I form another ok grip and push the hand up toward the tip. I release the moving hand behind the glans and loosen the grip of the one near the base then kegel some fresh blood into the shaft before repeating the movement.

Now reading some posters on here they mention the friction this causes as the hand slides over the taut skin something that I recognized immediately in my own experience, however, one of the top and most well informed posters I think it was Marinera?? Said there should be NO friction on the shaft when doing this. He said instead of the grip moving up the shaft running over the skin the skin actually moves with the hand movement. I find this hard to do as once I have gripped the base the skin is tight and doesn’t seem able to move with the hand.

I hope this makes sense and someone can put me right.

If you want to do it the way you describe, that’s wet jelqing - you just forgot the lube. Actually with the extra hand stationed at the base it’s a HG9 Squeeze, which is quite advanced and likely to cause injury in someone new to PE.

OK, so with Dry Jelqs the outer skin of the penis moves over the inner shaft, so there should be no friction but, especially if you are circumcised, you may not be able to do the whole shaft in one stroke.

All in all, I suggest that you read more, watch the videos and try to avoid injury again.

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