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Jelqing--did I injure myself

Jelqing--did I injure myself

I was jelqing today and all of sudden my unit felt really cold. I am not sure but the feeling was different from what I get after a good PE workout. Usually I felt that it got warmer and I can feel the blood inside.Also when I am done I got a feeling of warmth.I am not really sure how to explain this..

Anyways I stopped my workout and took a shower I slowly brought the temperature of the water down just in case I damaged something to reduce blood in my dick.. Is this normal?

My workout schedule is

5min worm up
10min manual stretching
15min jelqing-at about 14min I felt a weird sensation and then it went
50 keg
5min cool down

I am on the newbie routine..

PS. Please don’t make any jokz like “you should go to the emergency room”, I will probably do it and I won’t know that ur kidding.

Did your penis get numb after? If not then I would not worry about it. Maybe you just got carried away this time and didn’t notice that your grip was too tight. It’s pretty common when jelqing. Do some hot wraps in the meantime. That would surely help then take everything easy the next time.

Thanks for replying dude appreciate it. I was kind of scared and no it didn’t go numb

Do you think I should do my workout tmr?

I would say take the day off if something didn’t seem right.give it a day and see what happens. I’m new at this so take it for what it’s worth but if I even question whether or not I should take the day off I’m going to be conservative.

No problem. The guy above is right. It would be best if you’d take a day off tomorrow to let everything rest. I wouldn’t worry about it then since it didn’t went numb. Your dick just wanted to tell you that — “uh oh you’re putting too much pressure on me” lol. It’s nothing serious. Ease up a bit. Good luck and keep gaining dude!

Hey alborz,

I would just like to warn you to avoid using chatspeak and to use periods before the Grammar Gestapo get to you. :)

Give this a read: Forum Guidelines


Could just be that you panicked and it was just a little over training.

I am a great example of the hunted on here regarding spelling.

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