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Jelqing and stretching

Jelqing and stretching

Hi everyone, another new member with a few questions, it’d be great if you could answer them :)

When stretching it seems hard to get a good grip on my penis, I have foreskin that is loose and isn’t tight at all so when I am stretching the skin sometimes goes over my head and I have to start over, is it alright if I pull right below my head so that I’m actually nearly pulling my head? Or will that cause problems??

I honestly don’t know if I’m jelqing correctly at all, I get myself about 50-70% hard and then I do 50 well maintaining that erection level (it slowly degrades, so I stop at 50 get it back to 50-70% erection then do another 50 and repeat until I get to 300. But, once again my foreskin gets in the way.. Is it alright if my foreskin is over my head? I go all the way from the back (while doing kegels) to the top of my head and then do it again with my other hand, but since my foreskin is over my hand, I’m actually pulling the skin from the all the way in the back of my penis so it feels like I’m stretching my penis outside of my body while jelqing, it hurts but is that alright??

I’m an extremely bad explainer sorry, hopefully one of you guys with foreskin know what I’m getting at.. Thanks a bunch.

Hey man I know what you mean. I’m uncut as well and I have quite some foreskin while flaccid. I pull back as far as I can and I also feel like I am gripping mostly at the head, because if I try to grip any lower my hand brings along a little foreskin and just slides over the top, making the stretch less effective. So far I haven’t had any issues with this.

Don’t know too much about jelqing as I rarely do it. I know what you mean, I try to either use a 1 handed grip so I can keep the skin tight, or make sure I bring my second hand down to the base while pulling back a little skin, while my first hand is performing the jelq upwards. Seems to help a bit to keep the skin in place. I feel that if I just jelq without minding the foreskin after a few strokes my foreskin is well above my head and I’m mostly stretching skin, my penis just crawls further and further into it’s foreskinshell ;)

Alright, I will proceed and continue to grip just under the head so the skin doesn’t go above it, thanks a lot for that.

That’s exactly what happens to me I believe, after reading some stuff from 2003 on the forum, I’m guessing that it’s possible to do the “ok” grip then pull up so the foreskin does go over your head but quickly pull it back and do another one, unless I misunderstood, it seems possible, but it could turn a 10 minute 300 jelq into a 20 minute 300 jelq, which sucks. But if anyone can clarify that better, that’d be great.

But thanks Future, I appreciate the help on the stretching part!

Also, one further question. It is alright for a newbie to over-train? Meaning say, I want to perform 4 sets of stretches instead of 3? And 400 jelqs instead of 300? Would that increase my gains quicker or just hurt myself?

No problem, just trying to get all the answers myself as well ;) I don’t think it’s alright to “over”train.. However, it should be alright to do some more than the newbie routine, as long as you feel comfortable. Just listen to your body, you might need a bit more than someone else does. However do keep in mind you have to go easy in the beginning, you want everything to become soft and elastic, not toughened up by too much sudden stress.

Good luck man.

Thanks again Future1, appreciate the support + help. Hope you have a good day/night wherever you are!

If you have a lot of foreskin, try dry jelqing. It’s harder on your penis so you don’t have to do as much repetitions as with wet jelq. Supposedly 25-30 is enough for a beginner (I also do that much).

As for manual stretching, you’re supposed to pull back the foreskin and grip just below your glans, you’re not supposed to grip over your foreskin because that will stretch it instead of the penis.

Hope nobody minds, I have a further question, and since I’ve already got a thread I see no need to make another.

I’m still not convinced I am preforming jelqing correctly, somehow it seems wrong to me.. Anyway, say if I am doing it incorrectly, will it work sometimes, meaning I could do it right sometimes and wrong sometimes? Would that be a bad thing? Cause I know I’m never gonna perfect it, my foreskin is such a bother and always makes it harder.

Never say never, with enough practice you will get it perfect and will learn how your body responds to different techniques, just put the time in and get the experience you will be fine.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’ve yet another question :P

I’m doing the newbie routine right now, a few minutes of stretches and 300 jelqs every night which is the desired amount I want, but I would like to see length gains mostly, if I do random stretches throughout the day, say after I’ve done my daily routine, would it actually help gains faster? I did a couple about an hour after my routine and my penis didn’t seem to mind.. Any help? Thanks.

I think you have to be careful. A few piss pulls throughout the day is relatively harmless after a session but the tone of your post suggest you want gains too quickly (don’t we all) and that inevitably leads to overtraining which means zero results with possible loss of EQ and potential injury.

Today was the first time I did it, I guess it would be safer to just do the newbie routine for 1-3 months and just be patient like everyone suggests. I don’t want to risk messing up my penis :P Although, if it’s harmless to do a couple at random times throughout the day then I’ll probably take the chance. I’m currently unemployed, and I can only get out on weekends, so that’s why I asked.

Good vibes man, thanks.


Since you have plenty of time on your hands. You might want to construct an ADS device, so that after your routine you can wear it
to keep your unit in an extended state. This might help you achieve your goals a bit faster.

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