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Jelq question

Jelq question

When I am jelqing I get a pleasurable sensation and sometimes feel as if I would ejaculate. Is this a sign that I am performing the technique correctly?

My routine : once 3times per week

5 min rice sock heat wrap
5 min manual stretches
200 one hand wet Jelq
5 min stretch in shower

It’s a sign that you just started jelqing :D . Why are you doing one hand wet jelqing? Two hands is much more effective. That way you can keep the blood from escaping too much (well, unless that is what you want).

Anyway, after you have been jelqing for a bit you will get used to it and the urge to get off will slack off.


I do wet jelq with one hand and stimulate myself with the other as I find myself getting soft.

Don’t stimulate your self to much.

Once your erect enough, jelq with both hands.

Try fast jelqing. See if it doesn’t stimulate you as much.


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