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Erecting and Jelq


Erecting and Jelq

Hi! I udnerstand that for a good girth jelq, your dick should be about 60% erect or so. But however, don’t your dick get erect after like 7-10 strokes of Jelq? Is there anyhow to prevent that as waiting for it to subside and continue to jqle reduces the maximum effect of a continuous jelq. What do you all normally do? Continue to Jelq even in its erect state?

That use to happen to me. I would be jelqing then get 100% erect. Now after two months I only get around 80% erect, which actually helps me. You just have to condition yourself. When you get really hard stop and count to ten or twenty then go back. If it helps, try to increase or decrease your stroke speed.

Gradually as you do more and more PE you should become less and less sensitive to jelk stroking. Although it does feel good, try taking a very academic attitude about it, concentrating more on thinking about the stretching/workout you are getting, or thinking about having sex with someone you know who _really_ turns you off.

Meanwhile you are just going to have to keep stopping to lose some of the engorgement so you can continue.

And, no. Do not even think about erect jelks. Very, very bad for newbies, even for some vets.



Now sometimes I have to stop jelqing and do some recreational massages to get hard during a session. Rubbing some of that precum on the good spot gets me up pretty quickly.

You should be thinking of the queen.or your wife to control those erections.

If you’re having trouble and keep getting erect while jelqing, this is what really works for me. Where ever it is that you happen to be jelqing, read a book! It takes your mind off the feeling somewhat while you’re doing it, yet since you’re still jelqing it stays semi-hard. Try it and see if it works, works great for me. The only bad part is when you have to turn a page! Ha!

I have tried all those myself and I can’t help it.I get hard no matter what. Even a few minutes after sex I still get hard but it’s weird cause when I wanna get hard to blow another load on my girl it won’t get up ha ha I have to wait about 20mins.I guess just knowing it’s going to grow by jelqing gets me hard.

I’m new to PEing so this is just a wild guess but wouldn’t masterbaiting an hour or so before jelqing/PEing help ??

This is a frequent complaint from newbies. Jelqing is like masturbation and you do tend to get harder than you want when you first start doing the exercise. As Avocet8 said, the longer you do it the less likely you’ll be to get aroused by it. I jelq when I’m surfing the net (not porn!) or watching TV or something else that takes my mind off of it.

Masturbating before has helped some, but in others it might make it difficult to get any kind of erection and you do need to be at least a 50% hard to accomplish the exercise properly. (And PLEASE let’s not hear that masturbating will affect the gains. It doesn’t.)

I don’t understand fully these %s of erection. OK, 100% erection - we know what that is, but how can you say - OK, I’m now 50% erect? To be more exact, can a 50% erect penis still bend to some extent? What is 50%, what is 70% erection?

50% of 100% is half of a full erection……….( %=percentage). Yes a 50% erect penis can bend and so can up to about a 70%

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Why is it considered harmful to jelq with an erection? If I have ended up at 100% i just continue. I guess I should stop doing this huh?

When I used to get erect during my first year of jelqing, I would keep on jelqing but ease up on the grip and let it slide a little easier up the shaft so I wouldn’t hurt myself. After the erection subsided I would tighten the ‘O’ grip and continue.

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Yeah, you might want to stop that, artist. You can do some pretty serious damage to yourself that way, structural and nerve. Unless you’ve been PEing for a extremly long time your member can’t take that kind of pressure, and I am talking an EXTREMELY long time.


Well I was experiencing this and I just decided to jack off when I get hard and jelq afterward. After I shoot I can generally maintain around a 40% erection for as long as I want since I can’t effectively shoot another load for about half an hour or so.


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