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Jelq Preasure, veins, and girth???

Jelq Preasure, veins, and girth???

Hi, this is my first post, so be kind. I’ve been doing this for about 5 days now, and I am starting to see a few results. During the day, the size of my flacid penis seems bigger than before. It also seems that my erect penis size has gotten bigger, but I’m not getting too excited because I’ve never really kept accurate measurements before this. I’m beginiing to see the veins in my penis more. They don’t seem to be getting bigger, but they are more visible. Is this normal? Also, when I jelq, does the preasure of your grip matter? During my jelq, it seems that I don’t keep a consistent preasure during my movement. My last question is about girth. I know that the jelq is primarilly for length, and that beginners are supposed to do this excercise first. Is there any other excercise I could start for girth during my early stages of PE? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I love this site. Just from doing this for a few days, I can already feel my self confidence growing. I feel more like a man, even with the small gains I’m making. Thanks for everything.

Well first of all, take accurate BP measurements. These will give you a good way to measure how much you gain. Second, PE does make veins appear more(at least was the case for me) and you will notice it feels fatter and bigger.

Good luck and be careful.

Depending on how you jelq it can be used for both girth and length. I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a little over two weeks now and have noticed an increase in my girth (erect anyway) and all I do is manual stretches and jelqs. I would stick to those two for a couple of weeks to get yourself conditioned. Then start adding some other light exercises as your PIs allow. I know I am going to start adding squeezes and bends in a week or so.

The pressure of the grip during jelqing does matter. You don’t want to be wringing that thing off your body or trying to make your head explode from the pressure. Grip enough to make your unit expand to compacity with blood; don’t try to pop it…lol.

Noticeably larger FH is a positive sign so keep up with what you are doing now. Don’t try to rush things though. That’s the newbie’s biigest mistake. Being overzealous can be bad news. In the beginning less is more.

Welcome to Thunder’s! I know you will enjoy it here, and if you read read read, you will learn a great deal. Everyone here is extremly helpful so if you have questions feel free to ask (after using the search feature that is). Check out the links in my signature.


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