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It works,but is it dangerous


It works,but is it dangerous

I took a shoe string and a small plastic sheet(the kind in sandwich bags)and wrapped the plastic around the part of my tool that goes in then out to form that mushroom shape.then I tied the shoe string tightly around the plastic and thats how I made a $o.oo ADS/Stretcher,so after tieing it on I just pull or tie it around my hips.


Dude - if you want a ads look into Monkeybars autoext or the penimaster… If you want to make it for free try lil12 big1s theraband ads…

Tying a string round your glans then pulling on it is a recipe for disaster… You only get 1 dick.

See Ya,


You get what you pay for!

Be careful my friend. Tying anything tightly around Mr. Happy will tend to make him very unhappy.

You didn’t make an ADS, you made a tourniquet that cuts off blood flow to your head and could cause serious damage. Stop using it.

If you don’t stop after all these warnings, keep the ambulance service phone number handy. There are much safer ways to go about this, I promise.


If you continue using that, you will suffer nerve damage.

Bad idea buddy. Here at Thunders everybody gets in a major tizzy over this shit, and you should too. It is your dick after all.


Man: I’m kind of known around here for pushing safety to the limit, but that’s dick suicide.

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No Nukes

I will stop but I have gained from it believe it or not 0.2 inches.

gain 0.2
possible loss? 6.2?

I don’t see the advantage.

Please stop. If you continue to do this, you will damage your penis. Period.


Originally Posted by Hardwork
I will stop but I have gained from it believe it or not 0.2 inches.

There is nothing magical about your attachment, it didn’t lead to the gains. Tension lead to your gains and you can get that same tension with the many much safer attachment methods mentioned at this site. Do a search on ADS.

By the way, congratulations on your gains, just get that next 0.2 inch without so much risk.


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This is safer than going at it with a chainsaw. That’s about all I can say.



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