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It works,but is it dangerous


I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been deleted already


A much faster way of getting your next 0.2 is to take a small sledgehammer and give your pubic bone a couple of good whacks. Keep at it until you hear a cracking noise. This is much safer - unless you miss and hit your glans, there is no risk of nerve damage.

Originally Posted by Hardwork
I will stop but I have gained from it believe it or not 0.2 inches.

Please post and tell us what your new method is, ADS, wench, what?

The guys are having altogether too much fun with this thread.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Don’t take everyone’s slamming of your stretch method as slamming of you… We’ve just all had that sort of technique drummed into us as dangerous…

Seriously though, do a search for wench and make yourself one, it’ll be much more comfortable and you’ll ultimately see better gains…

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