It Can Happen!- my first gains and thoughts.

Well, after about 7 weeks of varying efforts in the world of PE (with some time off here and there), I’m here to report on how things have been, and this is surely what would qualify as a “good news” story. :D I know it’s a bit of a long post, but indulge me.
I’ve been following a newbie routine, and I must admit, not as dilligently as i could have been. Much of the first few weeks of exercises were done in the bath, as I knew that hot water would be advantageous for stretching and circulation. I also started on ginko biloba, just to see if that would help things along.

The first week or two were hard. The awkwardness of trying to grip and stretch, the uncertainty of whether jelqing was really going to help- but I was ready to believe it. Belief in possibility is vital. As well as the exercises, i told myself that the cock would grow, would be better, would be stronger.

And things began to happen.

My cock just looked more healthy, and veins began to appear like new streams irrigating the plains.
My flaccid grew- a lot! I’ve always been a grower, wishing for a more substantial flaccid. Wish granted!:cool: Sometimes in the first while I had that “that’s not my cock” feeling when i looked at it. Now I often have a 4 to 5 inch “sleeper”, much better than the 2- 2.5” of before.
My errections are the best they’ve been for over two or three years. My cock looks great when errect; alive, vibrant and muscular, rather than just being there to perform a function as it has done in the recent past.:gift: The glans is fuller and harder too.
My s/o started making moans I hadn’t heard before during sex. She told me how hard my cock feels, and that it’s bigger both inside of her, and in her mouth. Also that it was “touching all of the right places.”
I smiled, and replied that it must be the ginko tablets. Inside, I felt both pleased and satisfied.

After getting hold of, and wearing, a theraP wrap, I caught a gorgeous blonde at work eyeing my crotch at a meeting. The look on her face was priceless. Faintly quizzical, wondering, with just a touch of lust. And she knew she’d been caught. Hey, suddenly PE is fun outside too!

I was never very into measuring for some reason. My happiness mostly came from the obvious visual and physical evidence that things were better than before. When I started I was 6” NBP x 5.5” EG (had screwed this up at the beginning and thought I was 6”EG :rolleyes: ) I didn’t do a BP measurement.

I decided it was time to measure properly. AND——6.4” NBPEL, 7” BPEL!!!! EG still 5.5”.

I am very pleased by all of this (as if you couldn’t tell)! I’m going now for whatever I can get.

The way I see it, PE is rather like cultivating a plant. With the correct time given to regular nurturing, nutrition, and caring, it will grow to it’s full splendour and blossom.
The results don’t happen by getting a damn ruler out every day. If you persist with your plans, one day they will be staring you in the face as reality. And on that day you’ll smile, and perhaps be thankful you found Thunder’s. The sky is the limit.