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Is this the "fatigue" we speak of

Is this the "fatigue" we speak of

Been PEing for about 3 months now and have yet to feel a sensation that I’d describe as “fatigue” after working out.

However, after a good stretch session (about 15-20 minutes), I feel kind of a mild, almost “itchy” kind of ache located about where I interpret my urethra would be.

This itchy ache also has the side effect of making me horny.

Do you guys feel anything like this or think could be the “fatigue?”

I wouldn’t call it itchy. Ache may be the right word, but it’s like walking for an hour and sitting down and feeling your legs are a bit tired even though you know you could have walked much longer and then in a short while you feel like you haven’t even walked.

However, I do get horny after PE on many occasions. I think this is a good sign! :)

I agree with 74owee86.

My dick feels “worked” after a session, like the walking example. And I get horny as well, hence the reason I edge after a workout :)

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