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Is this a good or bad sign

Is this a good or bad sign

Conditions. My penis has a soft rubbery feel, definitely more bendable than usual.
I feel like I can stretch it alot further if I wanted to. My erections are raging, and plenty of blood flow down there, so I’m not worried about an injury.
Actually, my guy down there has been poking it’s head up all day, and it’s almost a nuisance.

My routine is mainly dry jelq right now ( 4 to 5 days a week) , since I am concentrating on girth. Over the last week I have seen a modest gain, but not sure if it’s going to be permanent since it has been so sudden. Oh, and my flaccid hang is much better.

My question is this. Is this a sign to keep going forward and doing what I am doing, or..
Is this a precursor to overdoing it. Should I lay off it for a couple of days and let it return to it’s typical, more stiff state?

I am concerned about losing the almost .20 inch in girth I have gained my first month returning back. I never gained much girth the first time I tried this PE thing 3 years ago. This time, I am determined to work smarter, and fully realize the importance of time off.

I can’t see what you’re worried about. Your dick is soft when soft, and raging hard when hard, so what’s the problem? It sounds like things are going great and you’re growing. :)

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Hmmm, let’s see. Your penis is soft and plyable. Your erections are harder and stronger. Your flaccid hand is much better. Yeah I think your doing it all wrong and need to stop.

This is sort of comparable to saying my wife is staring at me all the time, can’t keep her hands off me, and makes sexual comments all day long. Oh and she also says I can sit around and do absolutely nothing all day if I want to. Is this a bad thing?

In all seriousness, keep doing what you ar doing. All the signs you are seeing are good and necessary.


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