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Good or Bad???

Good or Bad???


It’s funny I have been away from the boards for awhile and I must say I think about PE and my dick alot less. I say I went from using about 90% of my brains processing power to about 25%. The only problem is I thought this was a good thing and I still do. But pe was a fun project when I had the time for it and the reward was great. So what I’m trying to say is that for some of us getting the balance right between pe and the rest of life is a constant battle if you do to much your not happy and to little seems to have the same effect. I was just wondering does anybody else fight this battle? Or is that I’m alone and mentally ill.


Put simply, I wouldn’t worry about this too much. I think most things in life that are accomplished to any meaningful end are the result of an obsessive drive. At least for a period of time. I actually envy you in this regard, for it’s PE that often takes a back seat to many other diversions in my life. How nice it would be to get back into the groove of obsessive PE. Winter’s here, time is right! I know what you mean when you say that PE can overwelm ones thoughts when being practiced. Does this to me also, but at least it’s tied into reality in a healthy sort of way. Isn’t there a story or something entitled “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” where this motherfucker’s every thought is a fantasy about things he never did and never will do? I could be wrong on the title, but there is such a piece written. IMO, better to think about stuff we’re actually doing or can do in the future rather than something unlikely or impossible like Walt does. Pe thought preoccupation is really no different than thinking about working-out, hunting, building a new deck (dick?), website, or whateverthefuck. I like to think of my mind and thought processes as the last great bastion of total freedom that I have. Likely the reason that I start laughing for no apparent reason in public and when folks ask me what’s on my mind, all I can say is “You’d have to be there”. groa

I Agree With Groa

Obsession is one of the keys to achievement in any endeavor. If you look at Doublelongdaddy, his OCD is likely a major reason that he now has a 11 inch dick. I myself have become a bit over-obsessive about my PE. Even during this holiday period I have been keeping at it, although at a reduced level. I have 1 more inch to gain and then I’ll go on maintenance. If I gain a little on maintenance, that’s great. But, I’ll be damned obsessed to keep the gains that I have achieved. I imagine that I will measure often until I have convinced myself that it is permanent.

I have to imagine that, one day, my PE adventure will end.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Don't mean to piss on anyone...

But I’ve learned that balance is always the key to being content with these kinds of things. So, Dino, if that is what it has taken for you, then so be it. You certainly can’t deny if something is making you feel better, and if putting PE in what is the proper perspective for you has improved your life, then by all means continue with it. Balance for one person is different than for another. I’ve had to find mine.

But obsession=>addiction=>loss of control. No, that is a bad thing. Any addict can tell you that. And once an obsessive outlet no longer gets you that ‘joy’, you will move on to another that robs you.

Balance, my brothers.


Good replies, Buster I can’t say for sure that thinking about pe less makes me anymore happier I think if anything I long for the days when I had the time to really give it my all. But right now at this point I need give more energy to other things. Trying to get the balance between work, family, and time for pe and an occasional gym workout is almost impossible. There is no doubt that the guys who are totally obsessed with pe are the ones who have made the best gains and will continue to make the best gains. On one hand we are the nut jobs and on the other hand we are the big winners in the pe game. Well got to go do those other things that need to be done.

Dino :)

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