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Is there anybody with a 4inch girth out there


One question (not—>q.) Is hot wrap entirely necessary? Is it possible to get gains without it?

It is possible to get gains without hot wrapping. It is also possible to invest month after month in PE and get no gains and then find that the only missing ingredient was the hot wrap. Also the wrap will reduce the chance of injury. If at all possible it’s worth the small investment in time to heat up first.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by RootCap
You should have been there to hear the noises and words I did last night. Damn.

RC, for some reason I found that pretty motivational. I’ve had some good growth while I’ve been in the Siberian wilderness this hitch, another three weeks and 3 days to go, hoping for another tenth or so each way. I can’t wait to get home and hear a little of what you are talking about (from my wife, not your girlfriend, though).

That does seem to be the second or third 4” girth sob story in the last few days…

Dude, if you are for real, get to work, and it does work. Good luck.

How “firm” are your erections. Steel pipe? Hard but somewhat flexible?

A lot of times folks who measure smaller in girth starting out end up taking somewhat larger girth measurements rather quickly due to the increased blood flow to the area which results in much better erections. Good luck.


There are things you can do that will increase you’re girth right away. First learn to fluff, what I do is get about 75% erection while wearing a cock ring squeeze at the base with one hand and bend from the base downward, and hold. Do this a few times before you have sex. Continue to wear the covk ring while you’re having sex. This will increase girth right away.

I started out with very small girth, these are the reactions I got:
start stat
6 nbpel x 4.25

At 4.25 girth, I had two different girlfriends remark that I was small. One gave a small sign with her fingers, the other one said if it was any smaller she couldn’t feel me at all. I only had two girlfriends at that size, so I can say every girlfriend I had said something bad!

At 4.50 girth, my wife noticed a difference in size. She said what the hell have you been doing with that thing. I would consider 4.50 adequate, at least as far as my wife is concerned.

At 4.75 Things are vastly improving, at this point she would start referring to it as big.

At 5.0-5.25 She now calls it a fat dick, which I like allot.

You can grow from 4.0 to 4.5 in less than a year. Dont be discouraged if it takes longer, PE isn’t and over night cure, it’s more of a life style. Think in terms of years not months is my advice.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Hey, J.D!

Welcome to this wonderful place. You are in the right place to ask questions and to find solutions for many of your problems. About your measurement – 6.5 inches is good (do you mean NBPL?) and I agree with you 4 inches is small, but don’t be discouraged. You can grow and believe me in less than a year (if you don’t overdo it and don’t injure yourself) you can go very close to the 5 inch mark.

I started with 4.37 inches (11.1mm) EG and so far am in the 5.5 inches range. I could have grown even more if I didn’t take many brakes because of minor injuries (mostly torn frenulum). If you are uncut, don’t do the traditional wet jelqs, do the so called “dry jelqs” but apply lube on your glans. This particular exercise gave me the best results for girth (between 2-3 mm a month = ca 1/8 of an inch).

Stick to a routine, listen carefully to your penis (do not be afraid to take brakes if something hurts), don’t overdo it, and you will grow for sure.

I wish you success!

My girth started at 4.5inches, now its 4.9 inches. My Fiancee and I have two kids and she still says I fill her up, It even hurts she tells me sometimes.

Its amazed me that just under half an inch gain in girth has made a difference.

Thanks Everyone

Your stories and information is very helpful to me. I thank each and everyone of you for your replies. It’s this place that has given me hope. You have all been very nice to me and I’m so thankful for that.

I have started the Jelqs and is taking a little getting used too. Think I’m overdoing it a little because of pains.
2days on 1 off. No Pain No Gain =D

I have met this girl I’ve liked from ages ago and we had a one night stand ( a very quick one lol I was young ) She came up last week and after a few bottles of wine and her asking me to massage her with oil, we were in the bedroom. Even with my 4” girth it was great. A couple of positions I couldn’t feel much but I just moved and was hitting off her G-spot, she was loving it. We went at it for most of the night starting and stopping. She nearly came with vaginal sex near the end of it but I pulled out as she was about to come because we weren’t using protection and she didn’t tell me she had had a jag to prevent pregnancy. I just got a playful slap for that. It was brilliant :D

The thing is that this girl has a kid to a good m8 of mine. They’ve been split up for nearly a year. I feel terrible as he doesn’t know. He wouldn’t be too happy either. I really like this girl and I had slept with her before they got together and he knew about that. She started going out with my m8 about a week after our one night stand & I told my friend that I quite liked her but he disregarded me and continued with her. My loss I know but I was pissed off at the time. A week after I got back with my girlfriend so she faded away from thought.

She is kinda seeing this guy the now too. Nothing too serious but she likes him. The thing is that with me and her I can’t go out with her as my friend still loves her or has strong feelings for her. It would be too much. I really could see myself with this girl and it’s playing with my head. I was with her last night but we just fooled around because she had her monthly’s. We kiss each other so passionately and I just held her all night and rub my hands over her body in a romantic kinda way - Not getting too heavy as it would just tease her. It’s so annoying like how good we can be together but then again we can’t be together because of my mate. We care about each other and have liked each other for a long time and her family keep saying to her that I’m this good guy and to get with me and that. I think that I should wait for a few years, keep going with my P.E and concentrate on studying. Hopefully my mate will have moved on by then. But then what about her? Do you think I should just forget about her and move on as this is a very awkward situation? She has made me feel brilliant and she’s the first girl I’ve thought of being with since splitting with my first love one and a half years ago. Which really stung me. Do you think I should just forget and just see what happens when I’m older?
I can’t commit to her in anyway the now because of my friend so she has no reason to stop seeing this guy as he knows about him. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrggghhghghghgH!! Life sucks sometimes.

Do any of you think I’m out of order here. I really like this girl and care about her so it’s not for the sex.
I think I should maybe just let her do her thing and concentrate on building a destroyer and being able to f**k the brains outta a girl and not be crapping myself like “please be tight, please be tight” lol

When I get any gains I will be so excited. Smoking is hard to stop tho. Cut down plenty.

Can anyone give me advice about my situation? And is there else anyone with about the same size as girth as me (4”) and what do you think?.

Length from top: 6 & 1/2”
Length from underneath: 7 & 1/2”
Girth: 4”

Thankyou for all the replies and advice yez are all tops like!! Appreciated :D :D :D

Originally Posted by J.D

She nearly came with vaginal sex near the end of it but I pulled out as she was about to come because we weren’t using protection and she didn’t tell me she had had a jag to prevent pregnancy. I just got a playful slap for that. It was brilliant :D

Why did you pull out right before she came? It’s not like she is going to get pregent from her orgasm.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

I’m willing to bet that her O would have brought on his O and he was just planning ahead ;)

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J.D., I say you keep seeing the girl and keep doing your jelqs (don’t over-do it so you won’t get hurt and have a set-back.) Good luck.

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I pulled out as I was gonna come too. The best way to come is simultaneously is it not?? I wasn’t sure if she had taken any precautions as it was quite spontaneous so I pulled out just before hand. One or two more thrusts and she’d have been away as well :( och well.

AndroNYC your right mate planning ahead ;) With the dodgy situation I’m in the now the last thing would be pregnancy in this scenario. And I didn’t know before hand if she was protected as it wasn’t planned at all.

I hope I can keep seeing this girl NewMember. I really do. She’s a sweetheart with a kick-ass figure and she’s beautiful. If I don’t then it’s gonna be just me and PE for a while. I am confident about my looks most of the time and have a good nature so I get on with girls all the time too. It’s just the physical side in which my confidence lacks. If I had a thicker unit then I would be meeting girls while doing P.E but as I don’t and have had some bad experiences sexually, I’d rather be alone and P.E rather than mess my head up with paranoid thoughts. It’s just the way I am I worry about everything. Even if I don’t get a chance with this girl the now. I will hopefully be a lot bigger when/if we hook back up again (which I think we will, I can see her house from my window) then I can give her a much better time and hopefully by then my mate has moved on and she is hopefully single so I can make my move. I’ve liked this girl for about 6 years so it’s not going to fade so easily. I really don’t know whats going to happen?
But I’d rather be more confident and have a bigger penis to satisfy her over and over again as I would like to have a relationship with this girl. So maybe waiting is the better option including the fact that my mate has still got feelings for her and this would really hurt him the now. But then if I wait then she might fall in love herself and I might never get the chance. OMFG this is so fucked up !

Learn the vagina, G-spot. Half the guys in this world don’t realize how knowing your woman’s body can go a long way. Touching, massaging, kissing, touching her face a certain way. If your out sport f#$$king than this doesn’t really count, but if your worried about pleasing her. Then try to read and know her body, some woman are so self conscience about their bodies you wouldn’t believe. Never think it’s your tool, don’t bring up your size and it won’t be on her mind. The first time I gave a woman a multiple orgasm I stopped thinking that my johnson was too small to please women. I had a rather loose female that I gave a multiple orgasm to. Not all women are good at faking, listen to what she says or how her body reacts when she has an orgasm. Later on in the relationship you’ll know if she’s pleased, does she shake when you hold her etc.? There’s alot of things we less endowed men can do to please a woman; know her body.

Haha Rootcap ..

.. You f’ing pimp.

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