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Is there anybody with a 4inch girth out there

Originally Posted by mbuc
Tork, you are either very right or very wrong.
If we are wrong then I apologise profusely to JD and offer the hand of friendship and my humble apologies; if however JD is trolling then all I can say is “shame on you”.

Myself as well. I just noticed a pattern to these post. I was going to mention something before when I noticed the other ones. I think it was Thunder or somebody else who slapped one of them before it even got started a couple of weeks back. It’s like mbuc stated though, if I’m wrong then I will humbly and sincerely apologize. If things are as he stated, then by all means let me be the first to extend a welcome and support. Hell, I can’t get any of my friends to listen to me. I can understand those who claim PE doesn’t work, if they tried it first and it didn’t work for them. My friends however are in the group that blindly nay say it without ever trying. That’s just known as contempt prior to investigation. Their loss, I stopped mentioning it around them. BTW, I finally read that welcome intro page and the charts on size comparison. I recently discovered that I’m now in the above average category in both dimensions. What a good feeling (just ask her -lol).
One of the simplest and best things I’ve stumbled on for girth is to just wear a simple cock ring that goes around both the balls and dick together. Borrow one of the SO’s hair bands. Wear it as much as you can, I do. For some reason this has done wonders for me in the girth department where other more strenuous exercises did nothing. Tonight I’m getting dressed after a shower and I hear the wife say; put your big dick away. 22 years of being together and never did I hear; hey, put your “big” dick away. Now I’m hearing it. Kinder words may have never been spoken in this house - lol. Seriously, The real trick to getting PE results is to try and figure out what works for you, and this has been mentioned in other threads. Some things work for some people only. Other things work for other people … only. Keep trying and figure out what works best for you to produce results. Try it all. I’ve also learned that I have to keep fooling my pecker. Something works for awhile and then suddenly stops producing results. Then I have to try something different. Make a decision and go for it. I had to laugh when I read the part on the intro page where it says: PE may cause you to focus on your dick and that could mess other things up in your life more. Funny stuff there.

Good luck to all those who desire for more.

Hey Jd I’ve olny been jelqing for 5 weeks now.and haveing great girth size.thanks to all the great people in this site.. Just learn how to jelq the right way and you will see great newbie gains fast.just take your time .also start reading this site up and down like I did you will learn so much

Hey, J.D. Sorry my English is very bad. I´m spanish and come from the Spanish Forum. My girth is 10,5 centimeters: * 0,39 = 4,09’. You aren`t alone. I’m married and have three sons, yes my penis is thin, but my wife never complain me and we always enjoy fucking. I want to grow but I´m happy with my measures.

Medidas Iniciales: 12,5 BP x 9,5 EG (Sep 2004)

Medidas Actuales: 16 BP x 11 EG (May 2005)

Originally Posted by Tork

I’m probably going to take some shit over this


Originally Posted by Tork

but ……

I find it hard to even take this post serious. These types of post are always from “new member”. They appear to be quite legitimate on the surface. Yet they always seem to relate some almost pathetic mind set that really seems to be a veiled attempt at making fun of the members here at Thunders.

:fie: Methinks you’re taking this too personally. There’s no particular evidence that JD is making fun of us. It’s at least as likely that he’s telling the truth.

Many of us feel a bit ashamed, at least at first, of laying out our sorrow and humiliation over our “short-comings.” I think there’s a natural tendency to pull back from those feelings and maybe even to deny them. So, when somebody like JD comes along and just unabashedly spills his guts, some of us might be inclined to run for cover— %-\ even though in truth we may feel the same way he does.

Tork, it seems like you’re looking over your shoulder to see if someone’s making fun of you, and may even be imagining things. Relax, bro. :)

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner - My friend Moved down to England Yesterday and I’ve been with him for a few days.

I’m no bullshitter by the way. The girl I met was my First love and I was hers. She had sex once before she met me and it was all over before it started. So I was kinda her first well properly anyway. After a while we split up for about 2 months and we both had sex with different partners. The 2 girls I had sex with both said it was ok but I couldn’t feel a lot. And after getting back with my ex she started treating me like a fool. I have no family here and all I had was her & she played on that. She cheated on me 2 or 3 times that I know (full blown sex) in our last year and just ripped me apart. One night she came home from being out and started to have sex with me straight away - I felt nothing when we we’re doing it and we had had sex earlier and everything was ok (tight). She must have had sex with sum1 right after the club then came straight home after being used as a spunkbag(I confronted her and she just lied to me). Things like that plague my thoughts Tork. If you don’t believe me I will take pics so you can see that I’m not trying to take the piss. I’ve never been comfortable once with anyone to talk about this, so I apologize for me blurting everything out like that. It’s not so embarressing as in sitting in a circle with strangers and telling everyone your problems face 2 face. I loved that girl to bits and the things we went through just destroyed my self-esteem.

This is things that happen:

I go to my local pub and go for a couple drinks. I’m not shy with girls when it comes to talking or things like that. It’s just when a girl wants to come to my house or for me to go to there’s that I have to make my excuse up and leave. Or say that I’m not over my ex - which is true but If I had bigger girth I’d do so in a flash. All my m8’s have girlfriends and have no problem in meeting up with girls and going the full blown way at the drop of the hat. I love sex and I’m lucky enough to have had amazing sex with a beautiful girl as some people don’t get that lucky and just feel as I do. I just love making a girl come (I only managed that a few times with my ex through sex and even once gave her 3 in a row) <-Was ok for my penis girth.

I just want the confidence to meet someone again - And when I do meet someone that I can satisfy her and have no negative paranoid thoughts at the back of my head. I just want to aim for 5” girth the now but If I get there I might go further.

I have had sex twice after splitting with my ex (May last year)- One I could feel it not bad and other nothing at all & all I felt was awkward. I’ve had sex with 6 girls and have only really satidfied one of them - My ex for a while. When I was younger it wasn’t so bad as the girls we’re really tight. I’m 23 now and the girls I’v been with over the last 2 years I feel as I couldn’t satisfy them at all.

I would like to thank ICM, Bamixgee, Andre7, Mbuc, Hog6.5, seyz, andgrowing, Toolguy, Dongdon, Thunderss, jjjppp, adicktosex and ModestoMan. Your kind words mean the world to me thanks( iwas worried what I’d hear).

6.5 length puts you in the “high average” category, so that’s good. And while you’re right to recognize the importance of girth for a woman’s pleasure, you might be overestimating the average girth. The majority of studies I’ve read put it around 5” and some have it more like 4.8” erect.

So, while 4” girth is on the thin side, it’s not “freakish.” And it probably makes your length look more like 7+ so I don’t think any woman would “laugh” at your penis.

Wad\’s girth RX:

Dry jelqs, at at least 75% erection level, every other day. Start off slowly, with about 50 or so - to minimize the petichiae. Grip firmly, but not so tight that you’re “jerking” it through the stroke. Make your strokes last about 3 seconds.

That’s exactly what I did to go from 5.2” EG to 5.7” EG - in one month.

Oh, btw. I did 50 every other day for the first week, then bumped it up to 100 for the 2nd week. The 3rd week I was doing 150, and was up to 200 during that 4th week - every other day, and nailed 1/2” EG. That’s when I *knew* that PE was for real, because that gain far exceeded any margin of error in measuring or erectile firmness, etc.

I also extensively used hot wraps and didn’t smoke or drink much coffee then.

Medesto - There’s no limit to my paranoia. However I did post a second post that was toned down a bit. You quoted the first.

JD please accept my sincere apologies.

I’ve been through some BS with the ladies also in my life, so I can relate to the treatment you’ve received from this girl.
I have to surmise that it had a lot more to do with her youth and lack of experiences than your size. At that age girls are all over the place, and I don’t mean with their legs spread. What is it they tell the younger single guys? Look at the woman you’re in love with today, in 5 years there’s a good chance you won’t even remember her name. Such is the way things are between the ages of 18 and … maybe 28. Too many changes. It does suck being dragged through the crapper. Not to worry though, IMO, girth is way easier and faster to come by and you’ll find all the support and help you desire here. Again, my apologies.

J.D. first off welcome to the forum! Their is all the info you will ever need to know right here at Thunders. I had a very similar experience with my first wife when I was 18, she fucked me up for a very long time. Then I was 5.5 X4.5 and she cheated alot and so forth and so on and said some very mean things about my size that stuck with me. Funny thing is after we divorced she called me 6 years later and started hounding me about gettin back together although we had both remarried at that point. I guess I wasnt that bad afterall. My current wife is wonderful and supports my PE although she says it doesnt matter ( after 15 years together I guess it doesnt) but I hear some pretty positive things when she is moaning like a whore! LOL Right now I am 5.75 X 5 so in 2 months I have gained pretty well by just doing the warm ups and dry jelqing. Keep your chin up and most importantly dont lose your self esteem. A wise man told me once ” No matter how pretty they are, their is always some guy out there that is tired of their shit!

No problem Tork. Thank god I ain’t suicidal lol kiddin :) . I’m a complete newbie to this & I didn’t understand from what I’d wrote what made you think I would be mocking. I am ok though as the negotiator offered to get me a McDonalds if I didn’t jump. Hey hey delivered McDonalds!. I can’t thankyou all enough for the support and how welcoming you’ve been to me. I have been low for the last year about this and after speaking to all of you I have felt better about myself than I have in a long time. I am going on a trip up north for a week so I won’t be able to start my PE till the 24th of March!. If anyone knows the quickest way to get girth could you please help me as I would like to see the end results on me lol. I will take pics of soft, hard, length & girth now but won’t post them till I’ve made a gain. I don’t feel too brave about flashing my parts off Trust me ask the last 3 or 4 girls who’ve tried to get me in bed (mine/theirs) Just a quick excuse and I go home alone:( Damn horny sum nights too lol

Thanks for all your support. Hope to have a lot of messages to come back to as you have all been helpful.
Speak to you all next Wednesday, bye


I’m gonna try stop smoking in this week too!!

Wish me luck :)


A spanish advice. Try the newbies routine: Newbie Routine for the first two months, so that your dick is preparing, meanwhile you read in the forum about advanced exercises by example sadsak slinky, horses440, ulis, orange bends and pumping, all exercises are girth-oriented.

Remember that all advanced exercises isn`t for newbies.

Sorry for my bad english. Good luck.

Medidas Iniciales: 12,5 BP x 9,5 EG (Sep 2004)

Medidas Actuales: 16 BP x 11 EG (May 2005)

I’m in the same boat. Still on the newbie routine. No girth gains but things look positive. I might buy a cock-ring, trying to decide if it’s necessary or worth it.

Start: 01/26/2005

5.25" EL

3.75" EG

I have 4” girth!

I know exactly how you feel about it. Anyone who thinks this is a troll is full of BS. Having 4” SUCKS! With 4” you can’t wear just any condom, it has to be the Exotica Snugger Fit. Every other, and I mean this because I’ve tried them, doesn’t fit. They will slide off unless you are very careful. Nothing brings sex down more than worrying that every thrust is going to pull the condom right off. If you’re a shower, then OK, maybe you can look fairly normal but, if you’re a grower like me, then you look like a boy fresh into puberty. It’s horrendously embarassing and not just in bed. I get double-takes and a few stares in the gym.

Ok. Best way to increase girth is?

Jelqing yes?

Do I need to stretch before hand or what?

I don’t have any equipment. Just my hands. Willing to devote 20-30mins a day. Can anyone link me to the stretches that need to be done? Or can you just jump in with jelqing. This site has so much stuff on it I’ve been looking for ages it would be handy if someone could just give me a few links to get started. Much appreciated lads.


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