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Is there anybody with a 4inch girth out there


Keep doing those jelqs JD. After you get “good” at them from experience (couple weeks or so) you should see some results. After just a few weeks your dick will probably be swollen and look fatter. Don’t go crazy with the squeezes and advanced stuff like that at first or you will get and injury real quick. Good luck.

Sounds like you are in a better state of mind and things are looking up for you JD. Just take things slow and easy in the beginning and you will be amazed at what will start showing up. Good luck to you and by the way, if you really like this girl and she likes you, I say go for it. You only live once and a love not had is a love missed.

Start Date: April '05 Starting BPEL: 6.75", EG: 5.25 New measurement : June '05 BPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.5 Give me an inch and I will take a mile!

I agree with longman. As the old adage says “It’s better to have loved and lost then to have not loved at all.” So go for it!

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- Leighann Lord

Thanks for the advice. I’m going down to this girls tonight for a meal. I’m still in 2 minds about going for it. She definitely does like me as she told me last night. After we went for a few drinks she came up for a massage. She’d get a lot of hassle being with me from my mate (<— not m8) and so would I. I don’t really want to hurt anybody but by not being with her it would hurt me just as much.

I even said to her that what if we did wait and she fell in love with someone or that I did. She is scared tho of her ex and her best pal has liked me for ages she told me. I so much want to be with her but it seems were gonna cause a lot of shit for this and were kinda sceptical about it all. I wish my head was a little clearer to make a decision. Everything is telling me no. But when I’m with her nothing matters. Is it going to be right destroying other people’s feelings just for our own happiness. But I don’t want to be kicking myself a few years down the line either.

Her ex (my mate) is coming to stay with me for a few nights next week because his mums boyfriend is coming up with his kids so he’s getting chucked out for a few days. I’m not a nasty person and I don’t want to hurt him but I can’t help how I feel. I do feel so bad though about everything but it’s good when I’m with her. Longman & gameofinches I want to go for it but would you risk hurting a good friend of 8 years for this. He still loves her too?

I want to do an ostrich and bury my head in the sand but life ain’t like that.
Wish me luck - I’ll need it!

Damn good night last night. No sex as she’s still bleeding but I want to be with her now more so after how we’ve been with each other. I need to concentrate on my PE though and not lose focus. I’ve ripped the skin that joins the foreskin to the head of my penis through dry rubbing so I’ll need a few days to heal. Blooming sore I’ll tell you. So should I continue with Dry, wet jelqs and what about kegels (is that the same as the PC muscle workout?) Should I do them also? I’m more interested in girth just now so any more girth exercises will be most welcomed and thankyou to all who have replied to me and have really been helpful. For a guy like me and my worries this site is an absolute god send to me. Thankyou Thunders Place and members.

I want to build my dick so over the next few months so I don’t disappoint her. She has a body that needs pounding and I can’t really pound anyone with 4inches of girth.

In the beginning the newbie routine is the best bet for you, just jelqs and stretches. Most people tend to see both a length and girth gain from it, more than during any other period. Girth exercises tend to be risky, you’ll most likely either a. hurt yourself or b. toughen you penis up to the point it’s hard to make gains. PE works best if you go slow, don’t drastically switch up what your doing until your gains stop. Think about it this way 99.9% of the male population thinks “you have what you have”, you already know better than that, your at an advantage, why rush?

Yeah true Grondy. I stumbled apon this site by accident and it has been the best find on the net for me. So yes I am at an advantage. I just need my dick to heal before I can start again, I ripped a bit of skin dry rubbing this girl so I can’t do nothing just now :( . Hope it heals fast. I think I should just stop seeing this girl the now though. I do like her and that but I’m still very paranoid about myself and it’s not going away. I need to get my confidence back first or every girl is going to think I’m weird.

My cock size is 4 x 4 and I’m hoping jelqing will make me longer and thicker.

Keep going Bb luv. If you smoke then give up!! Circulation is a big factor in PE as I’ve learned. I’m currently trying to give up. If not then your a step up on me. Are you in a relationship?

My cock size is also 4X4 Bb Luv, wondering how a girl will react to my small cock is always nerve racking. So JD you don’t have it as bad as you think bro.. Just hang in there.

No, I’m not into a relationship and I don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs. But as having a small dick, I had to perfect my other talents to please someone. But just once, I would love to give AND receive pleasure by using my dick and knowing that she’s not faking it just to be nice.

Thanks Anthony and Bb for your responses. Sometimes do you think to yourself, Why me?? Just about 95% of people have got it average. Even 4.5 would make me happier. Yeah girls and small girth is a big problem for me. Because when a girl has had a better time with other men then it’s very much on my mind as I know the average sizes and I think to myself before, during and after that I haven’t even satisfied the girl. Saying that I had a girl recently who has had a kid and the sex was quite good. She nearly came too. Even if I found a girl that I could satisfy, I’d rather be 4.5 + in girth and that will never change till I undo my trousers and I fill a room lol


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