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Is there any member living in Iraq


Is there any member living in Iraq

Dear All

Hello every one. I’m from Iraq, I need to know any one how lived in Iraq, so we can make a good freindship.


I used to know someone who once lived there, but I must say I’m not from Iraq.

Anyways, a warm welcome from me :)

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Thanks , but I seeking for members living now in Iraq.
Any way welcome for you.


Well, there are a couple guys that have posted that are Americans stationed in Iraq. I can’t remember their handles. (Maybe they will see this thread.) I can’t get “Optimus Prime” out of my head, but I know that is some nutjob from one of TT’s threads, not a member here…

Are you an Iraqi citizen who currently lives in Iraq? (I hope so, as it would be cool to hear your ideas on things.) :)

Welcome to Thunders!

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Originally Posted by Almuhjjar
Thanks , but I seeking for members living now in Iraq.

Welcome Almuhjjar. From your nickname, it seems that you are Iraqi.

Sorry, I’m just curious why you are looking for members living in Iraq, many people here can help you if you have any questions, or you need a translation (so anyone who speak Arabic will also help), or you need a sparing partner for your workout?

Almuhjjar, welcome!

I don’t know of any Iraqi citizens, just US service guys over there.

I hope that the PE works for you and that you live through all the “help” we are sending to your country. :)

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Welcome, hope you have great gains and a great time while your here ! :D

I just noticed that during the recent United Nations of Thunders thread we had no-one from Iraq so welcome Almuhjjar as our first ‘official’ UNT Iraqi, notwithstanding the Boss’ mention of the member from Kifisi.

I have also updated the UN of Thunders list to now include Iraq


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Yes, I’m an Iraqi citizen who currently lives in Iraq. If I’m the first Iraqi in PE forums, so it’s my pleasure to be. And I need to know if is there any any member lives in Iraq, no-matter where they from.

- Meiya777 : Where are from? If you Arabic so please give me a notes.

Am Asian myself, not Arabic, but glad to have you here.

Welcome all.

Longwidehard : What is UNT ?

Welcome to the forum, Almuhjjar. Could you please explain why you need to find others in Iraq? Being that there’s a war going on and all, I am a bit concerned about the forum being used for possibly political purposes.

Could you assure us that that is not your intention?

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Hi ModestoMan : For sure I’m not a politician. I’m just normal Iraqi citizen. I knew there is war in my country, so I’m not asking for more militarise.

It’s so simple, mate, I just seeking for any member in Iraq, so I can meet him and make a good friendship, and negotiating abut PE. It’s that simple.



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