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Is there any member living in Iraq

Originally Posted by Almuhjjar

Hi ModestoMan : For sure I’m not a politician. I’m just normal Iraqi citizen. I knew there is war in my country, so I’m not asking for more militarise.

It’s so simple, mate, I just seeking for any member in Iraq, so I can meet him and make a good friendship, and negotiating abut PE. It’s that simple.

That’s cool. My concern is that the forum not become an object of investigation by any government or police officials. That could blow our anonymity and be harmful to our membership (not to mention, our members). Thanks for clarifying.

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I’m living in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Originally Posted by Almuhjjar
I’m living in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.

Oh cool! You have some very beautiful country up there. Are you an ethnic Kurd or did you move north for safety? If it is better that you don’t answer, that is OK.

For those of you that don’t know, Iraqui Kurdistan is very different from the rest of Iraq. Much better water shed and breath taking beautiful mountains, with water falls and suspension bridges in the heights. Erbil is the worlds oldest living city and is very cool. They have had some violence up in Kurdistan but nothing like down south; they have an active tourism industry as I write this.

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Dear All

I agree with iamaru about my city geography and Kurdistan nature. But I’m not agree that Kurdistan “have an active tourism industry”!! That is very wrong. I moved to Erbil one year ago, and I not notice any secure issue , thanks to God.

Any way, thanks iamaru, are you visited Kurdistan or are you Kurdish?

And are Kurds Christian or Muslim? The “thank god” reference.
Does Iraq have bonafide internet access yet. And even if it did, how safe and secure would it be to be cruising a site about penis enlargement? I’m getting a phishing sort of feeling about this one.

iamaru. I thought Baghdad was the oldest living city as it is built on top of ancient Babel or Babylon, according to some.

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Shlonek, almuhjarr. Ismee khalid. Thats all the arabic I know. I’m from assyria, so we’re pretty much neighbors. Nice to have you here. Enshallah bahbooleh grows plenty.…urism-campaign/

Well, active tourism as in you can go there. My ideas on fun travel are different from most. You can get to Erbil International Airport without landing in Bagdad. If you need fancy lodgings you can stay at the Erbil International Hotel.

I have not been in that part of the world for some years. When I was it was the mountains some distance to the North of you.

Some links for those that don’t know anything about the Kurds: scroll down for the external links Kurdawary, a pro Kurdistan website with links. English language Kurdish news. English language newspaper out of Erbil.
The “Mother” of all IRAQ Map Links!

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I have not researched this in a few years and don’t remember the particulars. I do remember references to it being the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the world. We are talking the mists of recorded history on stuff like this though, thousands of years before the birth of Christ and with serious old time Assyrian deities so hell if I know.

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Hello gardettos, you are welcome.

Iamaru, thanks for this links.

Hello again

I’m seeking for Arabic member in order to start an Arabic thread.

Bumpity bump bump!

We have Italian threads, Portuguese threads, Norski threads…
Don’t we have a few other guys for Almuhjjar to start an Arabic thread with?

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Mideast beast says he is from Iraq (I’m Kurdish (north Iraq)). I don’t remember if it was for real or not.


Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Mideast beast says he is from Iraq (I’m Kurdish (north Iraq)). I don’t remember if it was for real or not.

RandomGaint, I didn’t said that I’m Kurdish !! I said that I’m Iraqi living in Kurdistan. There are many Arabs here in Kurdistan, also Kurdish people can speak Arabic too.

Just for declaration


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