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Is there any member living in Iraq


you should not have any problem finding someone to hang with, after all thursday is man day. just joking. btw if my country was in termoil my dick is the last thing on my mind. I have been to Iraq and I am going back again soon. I wish you people luck even if you are muslim

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Originally Posted by Phyriel
Hey almuhjjar, jelq it’s a a very well-know in the country where you live, or I am wrong?

Anyway welcome and I am from Brazil.

OK, yes, you are right, it’s well known her in Iraq, but not for PE, just for masturbation.

Originally Posted by Mideastbeast
I’m Kurdish (north Iraq)

Sorry, I was saying that Mideastbeast said he is Kurdish and from northern Iraq.

KO dear

I miss understand you


All is forgiven :) .

مرحبا Almuhjjar

انا لست من العراق ، ولكن اتمنى لكم حظا طيبا مع المءسسه العامة التدريبات


Get in where ya fit in.

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