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Is my penis base getting lower relative to my belly button?


Is my penis base getting lower relative to my belly button?

I just finished what I think was a fantastic lig stretch, best one yet in my short time enlarging .. I had a breakthrough in wrapping my hanger and I tried BTC for the first time tonight, I literally felt small tears in my lig. Which brings me to my question: at this angle of pulling it feels at though I’m tearing my ligs away from the pubic bone, will this result in any gains coming because the base of my penis is now closer to my knees? (And will have to position my partner between my legs to use any gained length?) or is it as a result of more of my penis coming out of my body? (And can use added gain in any position?)

Please help.

I’m definitely going to take it easy for the next few days as I can see injuring myself if I do too many of these back to back!

Sure, go ahead and the base of your penis will be close to your feeth one day, with your flaccid penis relying on the floor.

Soo this is not the proper way to get length from ligs?

Should I pull straight out instead of BTC?

Stretching the ligs will give you little or nothing erect length. Stretching downward or BTC is useful because targets the dorsal side of tunica albuginea, which allows most of gains.

So I’m just hanging 15lbs on my cock so my cock (tunica albuginea part) can stretch??

Sorry I’m so new at this, but I honestly thought the whole point was to gently tear the suspension ligament over time so that each time it heals and repairs the micro scars it gets longer and therefor more of your inner penis is exposed. (Which is why some men get surgery to quickly just cut the lig)

Should I then position the Clamp hanger down lower to or on my gland so that I can get maximum stretch out of all my penis and not just the 1/4 part above the clamp?
How do guys with micro penis get gains if a clamp takes up all their shaft space? Are they not stretching ligs?


This isn’t “give the guy with the already monstercock the run around so it doesn’t defeat our purpose” is it?

Because I can assure you I’m just as insecure and unhappy with my size as some of you are.

(Humbly wanting to learn)

- George

Plus I’m already hopefully out of the dating poole forever .. There’s only one woman in this world for me

(And she has to pay!)

The penis is not tied to the body by the ligs, it is tied from the inside. Otherwise cutting the ligs your penis would fall down on the floor.


The ligs don’t tie the penis to the body??

Ok. Thank you. Can I please hear from someone else? Italy over here is just a fancy Mexican and I’m not buying his advice, think about what he just said .. Ligs don’t hold the penis but if you cut them your penis falls off.

I’m no longer as confused as some ^ but still I’d like some advice. Please advise.

‘Italy over here is just fancy Mexican and I’m not buying his advice’, you just offended two ethnic groups at once.

Marinera is correct in that the root of the penis is inside the body. You can feel some of it’s structure. The ligs provide support and erections would not work very well without them. See this picture:


Penis enlargement length surgery cuts some of the ligaments and then hanging is used. It’s basically a way of making hanging work on less ligaments.

This is an international forum, expect to see posts from people all over the world. It’s best to be civil.

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Originally Posted by marinera
‘Italy over here is just fancy Mexican and I’m not buying his advice’, you just offended two ethnic groups at once.

I’m American but my mom & pops were Mexicans before choosing to become Americans, neither has the indigenous native Mexican blood as both their parents were Spaniards (Italian & Arabic moors) before becoming Mexican .. Fact, My Ma has green eyes and blonde (now with grey) hair and my pa was very hairy with a THICK full beard not found on any native American peoples, both pale white skin .. So you see my Italian friend you and I are both a couple of “fancy Mexicans” and I’ve heard enough advise from Mexicans to know when I’m being mislead. Your comments seem misleading, to me, admittedly I’m new to the whole P.E. Thing but I’m not new to common sense

That is something that anyone can understand at the first read.

And FYI, Spaniards are people from Spain, they are not Italians (which are people from Italy) neither Arabic neither Moors (which is a medieval term for African Muslims).

I’d listen to marinera if I were you. But then again, I wouldn’t know how many Scandinavian advise have mislead you in the past, so my recommendation might be useless to you.


I will obviously do some research as I’m sure we ALL are still doing .. I stand by my comments as they were written because Marinera’s post was so poorly written, however I will consider what he MEANT to say as truth.

So for my and anyone who cares to understand PE information here’s what I’m hearing:

The Penis is anchored by a root (ligament) possibly at the very end internally next to the anus, it is then tethered by another suspensory ligament at the pubic bone, which we DO NOT want to cut, but we do want to tear? Make longer? OR is that a fixed point to leave alone and somehow target and elongate/enlarge the tunica albuginea by (in my case) hanging a 15lbs weight to the middle of my shaft? And if the latter question is the correct method then am I not hindering the results by not stretching out my whole penis by attaching only to the gland rather than just the 1/2 above the hanger. Or even further why hang at all when we can Jelq and target the tunica albuginea without messing with ligs?

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